3rd Scholarship for U.S. Students 2017-18

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About the Scholarship

We understand the importance of the scholarship program for the students. Now we are trying to prepare to launch $1500 scholarship programs for the students. We are also planning to make it yearly. We hope that it will be fruitful soon.

For those who are most creative and innovative minded, are always welcome for the scholarship program. You all have to compete with the participants to receive the renowned award and be a part of it.

We hope that very soon our scholarship program for 2017-2018 school students will be launched. And by this, most talented people will be the absolute gainer. We were going to provide $1000 and $750 scholarships for the students who will secure 2nd and 3rd rank respectively. Though $1500 is not much as much as we intended for the student who will secure the first place, we still think that this much amount of scholarship is an award for them and will help them a lot.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • All of the applicants have to be a citizen of US. Students from other nation apart from that are not allowed for the scholarship. May be they have enough quality for the scholarship but they will still unable to receive the scholarship if they are not a citizen of United States.
  • Scholarship holder should have to complete a high school diploma and equivalent of such. If the participant doesn’t have such qualification, then he/she will be disqualified. And if the disqualified student secures the winning rank, then the position will be given to the runner up the student.
  • Applicants must have to be aiming at perusing U.S. post-secondary institution degree. If the applicants who secured 1st or 2nd or 3rd position, failed to peruse a degree from the announced university, will have to refund the monetary award.
  • At the time of the conclusion of the scholarship program, participants should have minimum 3.00 GPA


How to Apply:

You have to fill the form from the left side. And you should bring your college or high school transcript to attach it with the application form.

Do not forget to fill up any single field of the application form. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to distinguish you and then you might be disqualified.

You have to answer the Automated Public Turing Test in a right way. It will help us to recognize you as a human being.

After the completion of the application form, you have to write an essay in 1000-1500 words. That essay has to be according to the three topics that we have provided. Otherwise, you can create a video which will be within 5-10 minutes, according to the same topics.

When you are writing the essay or creating the video, you have to be innovative, creative and imaginative and the essay should be information basis. 

The essay and the video both have to be submitted via this application form. Use of emoticons will not be allowed.

The video, which you have submitted, would have to be uploaded to the YouTube. You can submit the link to the video in your application form. There is a point to be noted that, if you do so, we will think that you are explicitly in agreement to allow Epson to utilize your video so that you can secure the winning position of this scholarship program. It may be posted on Epson’s website for the promotional purpose. Though, it does not guarantee that it will be utilized in every mode.


  • How the Printing Press can become More Significant, Dynamic and Learning than TV
  • Impact of a good printer in the output of work
  • Through back on a time when you have raised a question or come up with a faith or concept. What encouraged your thinking? What was the consequence?


Application Deadline:

  • Beginning Date: August 1, 2017
  • Deadline: March 2018
  • Winner Declaration: Summer 2018


  • Winner: $1500 Scholarship
  • 1st runner up: $1,000 Scholarship
  • 2nd runner up: $750 Scholarship


P.S.: Before the scholarship program started, you can contact us anytime or can email us for on [email protected][email protected]


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