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random restart windows 10


Windows 10 is a great operating system for various use but some niggling problems keep coming back. One of those problems is Windows 10 Random Restart. It is not only frustrating but also a severe bug which can occur at any time without notice. You could be writing a document or browsing the internet, you lose all the unsaved work because of the random restart.

Technically, there can be lots of reason for Random Restart Windows 10. That’s why there are Support Numbers who are experts in this field and can troubleshoot any Windows issue within minutes.


Reason Behind Windows 10 Random Restart?

Windows is a robust operating system with 50 million lines of code. That’s a huge number and for this very reason, it’s heavy and bloated. A lot of things can go wrong and cause Windows 10 Random Restart. First and foremost, the kernel can be at the heart of the problem. The kernel is basically a governor which works as a supervisor of computer resources. It assigns tasks to the Operating System in a pooled manner and distributing resources like RAM and processing power to heavy tasks.

But, sometimes the Kernel does not get the requisite resource or the assigned task creates problems in the system, the OS suffers from Kernel Panic and Windows 10 Random Restart occurs.

Apart from Kernel Panic, there can be a high-threat virus, malware, infected system files, and hardware failure. Every reason has their set of solutions so we will try some general troubleshooting at first.


Windows 10 Random Restart Fix:

  • First of all, update the Operating System to the latest version of Windows. Go to settings and look for  Update and Security. Download all the pending updates and install it. The process will time to complete, so keep patience and let the computer restart several times.


  • After you are done updating the OS, check whether your system has the latest security patch. Again, go to Update and Security Centre and look for security updates. Those are cumulative updates which are released separately besides OS updates. Microsoft regularly releases updates to patch Kernel vulnerabilities. So, installing the security patches and restarting the system when done is important. This should fix Windows 10 Random Restart.


  • If you have any third-party antivirus installed then uninstall that particular antivirus. As Windows 10 has an inbuilt antivirus, your PC does not need any other protection. There can be a conflict between Windows defender and the third-party antivirus which may lead to Random Restart Windows 10.


  • Then, update every driver in use to the latest version. Right click on My Computer and select on Manage. Move to Device manager tab and you will have all your hardware devices listed. Right-click on every device and click on update driver. Then follow the onscreen instructions and complete the process. This will make sure that there is no longer any incompatibility within the system.

windows 10 random restart


  • Thereafter, uninstall all the dubious and suspicious application from your system. Go to settings and open Control Panel. Click on Uninstall Application and look for applications you do not remember installing or haven’t used in a long time. At times, these applications keep occupying on computer resources and clog the pooling process which may cause Windows 10 Random Restart.

windows 10 random restart fix


Hardware Fixes:

  • Apart from the operating system, there can be hardware faults as well. The SMPS which is responsible for the constant distribution of electricity could have worn off with time. Also, because of dust the fan gets stuck and does not work efficiently. Try cleaning the SMPS gently with a brush. Remember to turn off the computer and unplug all the wires for before performing this step.


  • Additionally, a separate fan is installed above the processor. Open the lid diligently and clean it with a soft brush. Note that these are delicate silicon components so do not rush and make cleanse it gently.


  • There is a CMOS battery on the motherboard which has a lifespan of three years. The tiny battery is mainly responsible for remembering Windows configuration when not connected to an active power source. CMOS battery can cause Windows 10 Random Restart errors if passed its expiry date. So try replacing the battery and see if your Windows PC holds up.


Avail Trusted Service And Fix Windows 10 Random


We are a company of reliable technicians who specialize in all things Windows. At Support Numbers, we have been working on Windows PC for quite long and have gained sufficient experience to fix Windows issues instantly. We always push ourselves to provide quality service.


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