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Windows is a capable Operating System but every now and then an issue crops up. For example, many users are reporting on Windows 10 Ethernet not working.  Users report that because of the intermittent Ethernet connection, they are simply unable to continue their work. It creates a problem because PCs generally do not have WiFi connectivity and Ethernet is the only way out to connect to the Internet.

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Why Is Windows 10 Ethernet Not Working?

Windows 10 is the latest Operating System from Microsoft. Ethernet, on the other hand, is a legacy hardware port. Nonetheless, Ethernet is still in vogue and almost found in every computer. At present, major companies are focusing mainly on wireless connectivity and it’s getting harder to support legacy devices day by day.

There can be an incompatibility issue between the Windows 10 Operating System and Ethernet. The incompatibility can be at the driver or hardware level. Either of the reason can cause Windows 10 Ethernet not working.

Apart from incompatibility, a newer protocol like IPv6 may be causing the problem. IPv6 is for handling internet traffic and re-routing data packets. Therefore, IPv6 configuration may result in Ethernet not working Windows 10.


Fix Ethernet On Windows 10

  • First of all, check if the wire is properly connected to the Ethernet port. An LED light would blink if it’s properly connected. After that, check if Ethernet port is enabled. To do so, right click on My Computer and go to Manage. From there, shift to Device Manager and keep looking for Ethernet.


  • Right click on Ethernet and tap on Enable. This will ensure the Ethernet cable is functional with driver support. While you are in Device Manager, click on Update Driver as well. If your Ethernet vendor has released a patch to fix the incompatibility with Windows 10, then you can easily connect through the Ethernet again.


Windows 10 Ethernet not working


  • Further, to fix Windows 10 Ethernet not working, open network and sharing center by going to Control Panel. Find Change adapter setting on the left pane. There you will find an Ethernet device. Right-click and Enable the device. This will make it fully functional. Also, go to Properties and switch to the Network tab. Check the IPv6 box and uncheck IPv4, which will make it compatible with the new protocol.


  • Often, malicious applications modify the Windows firewall and block access to Ethernet port. To reinstate Windows Firewall to its original state, click on Windows button and go to Settings. Navigate to Security and click on Windows Firewall. Click on Turn on Windows Firewall and it will enable correct firewall settings which should fix Windows 10 Ethernet not working.


  • Other than OS faults, network card which is a core part of the motherboard can also wear out after a certain time. The network card is responsible for managing data flow through the fiber cable to the PC and demodulating the data bits. The network card is an essential component and may need a repairing or replacement.


Get Excellent Service And Resolve Ethernet Issue

We have a team at Support Numbers who are highly skilled Windows technicians and have fixed tons of Windows PC in the past. Support Numbers has a team of engineers who are unmatched in quality and class. We consistently provide great service which makes us apart from others, and that’s why we serve thousands of users daily. At Support Numbers, we train technicians robustly so that they are equipped with the latest development in networking and Windows OS. All in all, you can rely on us that we can easily fix Windows 10 Ethernet not working.


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We have a team of quality engineers who are capable of fixing Windows issues within minutes. If you have any Windows or network issue, we can find instant resolution tailored specifically for your PC. Support Numbers deal with a wide range of issues regularly so we are up to date with the latest happenings in the PC world.


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We can provide service anywhere and anytime without losing a minute. We do not delay the repair process as we understand users want internet connectivity restored so they can start working on their PC. At Support Numbers, we have a dedicated team who are always on toes, waiting for a service call.


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We never overcharge users for services. Support Numbers have been in this industry for long and known for the cost-effectiveness. All this while keeping the quality of service top-notch. You don’t need to worry, we can fix Windows 10 Ethernet not working error within your expenses.


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