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The Steam forum is filled with users complaining about issues like Steam won’t open Windows 10. It is a frustrating bug and every now and then it crops up from nowhere. Users complain that Steam is simply unable to load and double-clicking on the application shortcut does not do anything. A loading mouse pointer appears and disappears within a second. This particular bug has made many users shy away from installing Windows 10.

Especially, gamers have a hard time with the Steam application. Apart from crashes and multi-player issue which gets fixed after a reboot but Steam won’t open Windows 10 ever. However, you should not fret. We are going to help you and run steam without any issues. Go through this article and troubleshoot the problem in minutes.

Why Steam Won’t Open On Windows 10?

Windows is not a device-specific Operating System so there are chances of incompatibility with various applications and hardware components. Incompatibility can be due to Steam targeting different SDK and .NET framework. Steam won’t open Windows 10 can happen if graphics setting is not properly configured to render high-graphics content.

Other than that, Steam is a robust application with many layers of processes going in the background. It is a resource-hungry application which if not provided lags and simply refuses to work. Additionally, incorrect driver configuration can also break Steam on Windows 10. Steam uses network client to connect to other users on the gaming platform. If there are any network glitches, it will not open as proper internet connectivity is a must for the smooth functioning of Steam.

Further, there is certain security software which blocks Steam from working properly. Anti-virus blocks Steam because it somehow deduces it as a malware which is constantly sending data packets over the internet. All these are potential issues and Steam won’t open Windows 10 unless fixed with a thorough technical approach.


How to Open Steam on Windows 10?



  • Press windows key and type task manager or just right click on the taskbar and open task manager. It is a system tool which manages all the processes and activities running in the background.
  • It will open a small window with basic information. Click on Show more details and a new window will open with lists of processes along with advanced option. Go through the list and look for all the Steam related processes. These are the Steam modules running in the background.



  • Steam Won’t open Windows 10 if the processes are not forcefully ended. Therefore, right click on every module and click on end task. This will ensure no Steam process is running in the background so that it can start afresh.


  • If the above method didn’t fix the issue then right click on My Computer and select Manage. Then, go to device manager and it will show a list of all the hardware devices connected to your PC. Go through the list and see if any device needs an update. A yellow sign will show in front of the device which needs attention.


  • While you are in device manager, try to update both the display and graphics driver. Right click on your display driver and select the update option. Follow the on-screen instructions and the latest graphics driver will be downloaded and installed in no time.



  • Reboot the PC and Steam should work fine. Still, if Steam Won’t open Windows 10 then update Windows to the latest version. Click on the start button and go to Settings. From there, find Update and Security. Then, you will find updates which are pending. Download the update and restart your PC to fix all incompatibility issues.



Get Professional Help And Fix Steam On Windows 10

If Steam Won’t open Windows 10, you should not worry. Professional engineers of Support Numbers can help you to fix the issue instantly. The technicians are well versed with Steam and Windows 10 system and how it works. They have been fixing problems with Steam in record time. Support Numbers team consists of highly ranked engineers who can diagnose gaming related issues within minutes. Since we have been repairing PCs for so long, we can identify a problem quickly and provide the correct solution without going through many hoops.


Experienced Technicians

Support Numbers is known for reliability and consistent service. We make sure that our engineers are equipped with modern tools and software. Our technicians are extensively trained and possess in-depth knowledge of Steam gaming platform and Windows 10 operating system.


We Honor Your Time

The tech team of Support Numbers does not take much time and makes sure to resolve the issues at the earliest. We try to make sure the recovery process is done as soon as possible so that you can enjoy gaming without losing out on time. We are available around the clock; just call us and we will make way for you.


Budget-friendly Services

Hard-working engineers of Support Numbers understand that PC service and technical assistance should never become a burden. We charge the minimum amounts and try to fix graphics issues without unnecessary hardware replacement. Our service is affordable and you can always rely on us for any Steam or Windows related issue.


Reach Out To Us And Get 24*7 Remote Assistance

If Steam Won’t open Windows 10, don’t worry. Support Numbers executives are top-notch with years of experience. Call us so that we can discuss the issues at hand and make a proper resolution. You can also schedule an appointment and we will reach your preferred location. Other than that, you can email us. Our chat support is also open round the clock. Just get in touch with us through any of the channels and we will fix Steam within your budget.



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