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July 7, 2018
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July 7, 2018

Nvidia Corporation is an American technology company. The brand is producing graphics processing units (GPU) for long. It also manufactures chip unit for the mobile computation and automotive market. Now, when you open the Nvidia Control Panel, sometimes it depicts an error message saying “Nvidia display settings are not available”.

Generally, Nvidia is the first choice of all gamers. It can magnify your gaming speed with high-quality graphics and thus resulting in an extraordinary experience. However, a malfunctioning graphics card causes danger and shows different error messages. Such issues occur mainly because of corrupted drivers. There’s nothing to worry about, as it is very a common issue.


NVIDIA Display Settings Are Not Available


Probable Reasons Behind Nvidia Display Settings Are Not

Available Laptop Issue

There can be many reasons behind problems with Nvidia display settings. But the damaged driver is the most apparent reason behind this. Sometimes, a faulty Operating System can also be the reason for Nvidia display settings related issues. Here are the steps you can use it to fix the error. If you go through the stages, then you can quickly solve this fundamental problem. But in case if the issue is too complicated, then, you will need professional technical assistance. In that case, you can avail of help from Support Numbers and get hassle-free, quick, and reliable solutions.


Techniques To Beat Issues Related To Nvidia Display Settings

Before starting any high-end resolutions, close all the processes related to Nvidia Display settings. Now, when you open the Control Panel of Nvidia, you may get the error message Nvidia display settings are not available, even if you are not using any attached Nvidia GPU. Well, don’t panic. You can follow the methods here to resolve the issue.


Plug The Monitor In The Exact Port

Improper insertion of the monitor in the correct port may cause Nvidia display settings are not available error. So, you have to keep one thing in your mind that, plug the monitor in the correct port.

Note: If you have more than one port, then plug the cable with other ports and check if it eliminates the problem you are facing.


Update And Re-install The Nvidia Graphics Driver

To reinstall the graphics driver, you can go through the website and download the most recent graphics drivers that you want. If you are unable to recognize your system then do not worry, engineers of Support Numbers can quickly examine your system and find the most compatible driver for your system. If you don’t know your system configuration or don’t know that which driver to install, don’t worry.


Reinstall Your Operating System

Even after updating the driver if Nvidia display settings are not available error still remains, then you need to reinstall your Operating System. Now, firstly reboot your system. Then, press the Function key to launch the BIOS. Finally, install the Operating System again from the scratch.

Once the predefined process is over, go back to the driver and install Nvidia. Now, we can assure you that you will not get further issue related to Nvidia display settings. But, if you are still facing this error, feel free to get in touch with us.


Get In Touch With Support Numbers To Get Easy And Quick Fixes

The methods shown above may fail to help you. If you’re still facing the disgusting problem of Nvidia display settings are not available error and you just think that you don’t have that much of technical knowledge for this, then you need experts to take care of this issue on your behalf. Stay connected with Support Numbers.


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