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How to turn off touch screen on Dell Laptop-is one of the most common issues that Dell users have encountered. Suppose you turn the sleep mode on of the laptop and after few minutes you see that the touch screen is not working. It is very annoying if your expensive laptop stops operating all of a sudden.

In such cases, don’t feel helpless. Our Dell laptop tech support team is right here to provide you with convenient solutions so that you can use your laptop smoothly.  

Before you disable touch screen on Dell laptop, make sure you have mouse and keyboards nearby with you. Mouse and keyboard are your only mode of input after disabling the touchscreen.


How To Disable Touch Screen On Dell Laptop?

It is really unfortunate when the touch screen fails to work. To troubleshoot the issue, all you need to do is, go through these easy steps.

  • On the top right of the corner, there is a search box.
  • Now type ‘device’ and select it to open.
  • On the left side, you will see device manager where you have to click.
  • Now search for the Human Interface device. After it appears on the screen, double-click on it.
  • Now, select touchscreen drivers.
  • Right click on it to disable the touchscreen.
  • Also, make sure that the BIOS driver of your laptop is updated.
  • Next, turn off your laptop and after few minutes, restart the system. You can now check if the touchscreen is working or not.


Turn Off Touch Screen On Dell Laptop

Alternative Methods To Make sure you have examined the condition of the screen.

  1. Turn off the laptop.
  2. You can use a neat and clean cloth to remove the dust.
  3. Ensure that you never spray any cleaning solution directly on the screen. Rather, you can spray it into a cloth to wipe off the dirt.
  4. If you have installed a screen protector, then try to remove it. Sometimes, a screen protector prevents you from accessing the touchscreen.


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