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Sticky Keys is actually a Microsoft Windows accessibility component that makes a modifier key stay active. Well, as an example we can consider, a user can press ctrl, then Alt and then Del instead of having to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to perform the same action. In case you are wondering how to turn off Sticky Keys Windows 10 then, go through this article, you will definitely find everything you want to know about this issue with necessary solutions. It implies that you don’t need to press all the keys at the same time i.e. it reduces time.


Probable Ways To Turn Off Sticky Keys In Windows 10:

Common Glitches And Effective Solutions

If you don’t know the actual reason behind any issue then you are not able to understand the solution. So we are suggesting to you that first try to understand the reason, if you do so then it will be easy for you to get the solutions quickly. As we know, Sticky Keys are useful but most of the Windows 10 users turn off the feature as early as possible. The main reason why you should know how to turn off Sticky Keys Windows 10 is, it creates obstruction with work. Most of the users even reported a problem that Sticky Keys will not turn off on their system and it can cause lots of hindrances. There are several reasons behind this particular issue are as follows:

  • If sticky keys won’t turn off from your PC, then it might be because of the faulty keyboard.

how to turn off sticky keys windows 10

  • If your system is infected with malware or viruses then also you cannot turn off Sticky Keys.

turn off sticky keys windows 10

  • Moreover, if there is any problem with registry values then also it may cause the error.

Now, if you have installed windows 10 in your system and you don’t want to face the sticky notes issues related to it, then just read through the next section. There you will get the detailed descriptions for that.


Know How To Turn Off Sticky Keys In Windows 10

If you are thinking how to turn off Sticky Keys Windows 10, then there are many easy methods. We will be showing you the steps. Please take your time on the following tips that are mentioned below.

Press Two Keys Together


windows 10 turn off sticky keys


The easiest way to turn off the Sticky Keys are press two keys at a time, e.g. Alt, ctrl, shift etc. If you do so then Sticky Keys issue in your Windows 10 will be resolved.


Turn It Off From Settings

how to turn off sticky keys notification windows 10


Visit settings window and turn off the sticky keys. To do so see the procedure.

  • First press Windows and I key simultaneously to open Settings. After that, click on Ease of access.
  • Then, hit the Keyboard option which is on the left side of the list and turn off the Sticky Keys.


Disable Sticky Keys From Control Panel

When you face any problem and can’t figure out how to turn off Sticky Keys Windows 10, visit the Control Panel by looking for it at the Search bar, inside Menu option. Now, inside the Control Panel, you will get an option named Ease of Access Center, click on that. A new interface will open. Turn on Sticky Keys box option should be unchecked and then hit the OK button.


Complete The Procedure From Power Management Settings

Alter your keyboard power management settings. To do so;

  • Press the Win+X simultaneously and then, select the Device Manager option.
  • From Device Manager, choose the Keyboards option and right-click on that.
  • After right clicking, a new options panel will generate in the screen. Click on the Properties option.
  • Then, navigate to the Power Management tab and unbridled the Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power option and click on OK.


Replace Your Keyboard

Even after following the steps if Windows 10 turn off Sticky Keys problem still remains then it is our advice to replace your keyboard. Some of the users reported that problems with Sticky Keys were resolved simply by altering their keyboards. It is equally important to check the hardware malfunctions before replacing your keyboard. Alternatively, you can also try your keyboard on a different system. If the keyboard is faulty then you have to buy a new one.


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