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Windows Operating System is notorious for having high CPU usage. One such instance has come up recently where users face Windows 10 System Idle process high CPU usage and it does not go down at all. Windows users often complain that even if there is no application open in the background, the CPU usage is almost 98%. Restarting the PC also does not change much. At times, it is even showing 100%. Hence, users get confused as to what is making the PC eat so many resources.

If you are facing such issue, do not panic. You have come to the right place. Support Numbers is there to help you resolve the issue. There could be a hidden background process which our team is capable of finding and removing it.


Why System Idle Process Has High CPU Usage In

Windows 10?

Microsoft has revamped Windows 10 significantly with its user interface and internal architecture. However, some things are still present from earlier versions of Windows. Windows 10 System Idle process high CPU usage is one such instance where the old services are throttling CPU.

Many suggest that the System Idle process is not problematic and it is nothing to worry about. In fact, it shows that how much CPU is free at the moment. However, users face lag and instability while opening an application. There can be malware or virus which might be affecting the proper functioning of computers. High threat viruses are capable of working in a veiled manner, hijacking system elements to the corrupt device.

Furthermore, incompatible device drivers can also elevate high CPU usage. Drivers are basically a medium through which the hardware devices communicate with the Operating System. Conflicting drivers increases the workload on the processor and Windows 10 System Idle process high CPU usage occurs.


Fix Windows 10 System Idle Process High CPU Usage

  • Most of the processes start running just after the computer boots. Consider disabling unnecessary services during startup. To do so, press Windows and R key at the same time and it will open a mini window in a corner. Type “msconfig” and click on OK button.


 windows 10 system idle process high cpu usage


  • Now, a new window will open with system configuration information. Switch to Startup tab and you will have all the services which initiate during the startup. Scroll through the list and disable suspicious-looking applications and save changes. You can also disable the services which you don’t use often as the system will load fast and there will be less load on the processor.


system process high cpu windows 10


  • Thereafter, click on Save changes and restart the computer. After reboot, it should fix the Windows 10 System Idle process high CPU usage. If you are still facing lag and stutter, then you can try updating the drivers. For that, right click on the Windows button in the corner and click on Device Manager. Identify the devices which need an update. Generally, it will show a yellow sign in front of the hardware device.


system idle process high cpu windows 10


  • Right click on each device and click on Update driver. This will ensure that incompatible drivers are updated and do not increase CPU usage further.


windows 10 high cpu usage when idle


  • Afterward, uninstall unnecessary applications and malware from your PC. Right click on Windows icon and go to Control Panel. Open Uninstall Application and remove apps which you don’t find useful. Also, run an antivirus scan for the whole disk sectors to make sure no malware or virus is infecting your PC in the background.


  • If you are using a third-party antivirus then it may be causing Windows 10 System Idle process high CPU usage. Windows 10 has an inbuilt antivirus known as Windows Defender. Conflict of two antiviruses at the same might cause the CPU to use too many resources without actually doing anything. Uninstall the third-party antivirus and see if this fixes the issue.


Take Help From Support Numbers And Say Goodbye

To High CPU Usage

Support Numbers consists of a team of hard-working technicians who have extensive experience in dealing with Windows issues. Our support is best-in-class and can fix any issue related to Windows PC. We do not compromise in our repairing process and consistently deliver quality service. We have fixed CPU throttling in the past including Windows 10 System Idle process high CPU usage. So, you don’t have to look any further. Support Numbers is here to help you and can easily find the solution in minutes.

Expert Guidance

We, at Support Numbers, specialize in Windows platform and have a thorough understanding of the Operating System. The team can easily fix high CPU usage in optimum time so that you can use your PC like before. We can guide you in a simple way if you want to fix the issue remotely.

On-time Services

Services at Support Numbers are always on time and do not take users for granted. Once you have made an appointment with us, we can fix the issue instantly. Opt for our services and have timely support at your doorstep.

Budget-friendly Support

You should absolutely not worry about the service cost. Support Numbers has been in this industry for so long and have been servicing users at a low cost. At the same time, we do not compromise in our service quality. We have a model in place to provide excellent service at a never-heard cost within the stipulated time.

Connect With Us For 24×7 Assistance

There are multiple channels to connect with us. Talk to the engineers of Support Numbers directly by just dialing the helpline number. Also, you can make use of the chat box to discuss and find a resolution. If you have any query, just mail us and we will get back to you. If you are still facing the Windows 10 System Idle process high CPU usage, don’ give a second thought and just call us. We promise we will fix the issue in your time and budget.



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