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The Galaxy series is the best creation of Samsung. And among them, the Galaxy S8 is the most popular without any doubt. The premier flagship device with all the good things about it. Although it gives the best in class features and functions, it is not totally free of glitches. People who use the Galaxy S8 has reported certain troubling issues. If you’re also facing the situation where your Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t turn on or charge, it can be really frustrating.

But don’t worry, as here in this article, you’ll find complete solutions for this kind of battery and power problems. And with that, you’ll be able to fix this on your own. However, if you’re not into any of that and are seeking professional assistance, Support Numbers is just the thing you need. More on that later.

Why Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Won’t Turn On Or Charge


samsung galaxy s8 won't turn on or charge


The Galaxy S8 from Samsung is one of the most sold smartphones in the world. And it is for good reason. It is the flagship device of the brand, from its most successful Galaxy series. Anything you want it to do for you, it can do.

Despite all that good stuff that you can do with it, there is a lot of technical things. Both in terms of hardware and software. That is, the builders tune up really well and thus, it works the way it does. If any of that goes wrong there, the device would give problems.

When you see that your Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t turn on or charge, there is something wrong under the hood. The problem can be related to the firmware of the device. And in that case, it is a simpler problem to solve.

However, it can be a hardware glitch as well, involving the battery and charging systems. And for that, it is best to go for expert support. It might be fixable, or you might need to get the faulty part replaced.

Whatever the problem is, you can rest assured that it can be fixed. Either by you with the instructions given here. Or with the expert hands of tech support personnel in case of a major error. Moreover, as for fixing it yourself, you’ll get all the necessary instructions in the upcoming section.

Steps To Troubleshoot When Galaxy S8 Won’t Turn On Or Charge

Here is the comprehensive guide you need to follow when your Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t turn on or charge.

Charge Your Smartphone

galaxy s8 won't turn on or charge

It is best to start with the simplest option and work your way up if this doesn’t work. So, if you find that your Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t turn on or charge initially. Try plugging it into the power source for charging first.

Charge for about 10 minutes, before you check to see if it is working. If it works this way. Make sure to properly press the switch to turn it on. Because, if you don’t switch on correctly it might not work.

In this context, we recommend that you shouldn’t let the battery drain out fully before you charge it. That way you’ll be able to preserve the battery health.

Safe Mode Booting


samsung galaxy s8 won't turn on or charge

If there is an app on your phone that contains certain corrupt system files. It can spell a whole world of trouble. The issue where your Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t turn on or charge can be the manifestation of that.

Therefore, first switch your phone off and after that hold down on the Power button. The logo of the brand will show up on the screen. Then, press and hold the Power as well as the Volume down button to restart the device.

As soon as that is done, you’ll come across the Safe Mode on the bottom left of the home screen. Make sure to remove any faulty app after that.

Use The Recovery mode To Boot The Device

You’ll need to bring up the Recovery screen first. To do that, first press down on the Power, Bixby and the Volume up buttons together. After your phone vibrates, let go of the Power key but not the other ones.

Then, as the Android Recovery screen shows up, let go of all the keys. Choose the option that will clear up all the cache data and this will most likely solve the problem that we’re working with.

Avail Best Tech Assistance For Your Samsung Smartphones

In any case, if these instructions were not enough and your Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t turn on or charge still. You’re going to have to call in the professionals. Also, if you don’t consider yourself all that tech-savvy and want help anyway. Look no further than Support Numbers tech support.

The service personnel at Support Numbers have a lot of expertise in such matters and years of experience to back that up. They are well versed in technical problem solving and will solve your problems in a breeze.

Furthermore, there are other things that make them a better support service option than others. Have a look.

Advanced Tools For The Job

Technicians of Support Numbers use the latest and greatest tools and techniques. That way you’ll get the best quality servicing for your technical issues.

Timely Services

With Support Numbers, you can absolutely rest assured that the job will be done as per the set schedule. No question of any delay whatsoever.

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You will get the best-in-class solutions from Support Numbers at the most affordable prices.

Get In Touch With 24×7 Active Helpdesk

With Support Numbers, there are three distinct channels of communication that you can choose from. Use whichever one you find convenient.

You can give a call at the 24×7 active helpline number. Other than that, you can send an email about your queries. Finally, for any sort of real-time discussion, with the tech support personnel. Use the Live Chat portal on the website.

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