Samsung Galaxy S6 Not Charging: Resolve With Flawless Service

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Samsung Galaxy S6 not charging


Samsung Galaxy S6 depicts a quantum leap for Samsung devices both in terms of design and user experience. More importantly, its wireless charging adaptability is one thing which implies that you can easily pop your Samsung Galaxy S6 over a compatible charging pad for a wire-free recharge. Moreover, users sometimes come to meet the Samsung Galaxy s6 not charging issue.

Thus, in this article, we will be presenting the different methods on how to troubleshoot the charging issue in Samsung Galaxy S6. Also, our Support Numbers team will be guiding you until your charging issue comes to an end. However, before moving on to the solution, let’s find out the culprits of this issue.

Apparent Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S6 Won’t Charge

Though there are several reasons that can influence the charging issue in your Galaxy S6, we are pointing out the most obvious ones for you. So, before walking through the solutions let’s expose all the defenders of this error.

  • First of all, a defective charger can lead you to the charging issue.
  • Also, the corrupted or damaged USB cable can end up presenting you charging problem in your device.
  • Apart from that, your Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t chard if the USB or the utility port is loose.
  • Besides, the malicious malware or the virus in your phone can present you such issue.

Accurate Fixes For Samsung Galaxy S6 Not Charging

Although there are tons of methods to troubleshoot the charging issue in your Samsung Galaxy S6, not all of them resolves the problem ultimately. After sometimes, users encounter the same error once again. Basically, in this article, we have come along with the most effective solution that will resolve your error entirely. Right below you can find them all.

Method 1: Make Sure Your Phone Didn’t Just Freeze

Unlike the earlier Galaxy devices, Samsung Galaxy S6 also comes with some errors such as the freezing issue. Unfortunately, Galaxy S6 doesn’t allow you to remove the battery from your device. However, you can reboot your Galaxy S6 if it becomes unresponsive.

Method 2: Fix Your Charger

To troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy S6 not charging issue, make sure that you are using a good charger. Try using some another charger and see if your issue resolves. Now, if your Galaxy S6 starts charging, then the problem is in your charger. Moreover, it implies that you need to replace your charger with a new one.

Method 3: Check The USB Cable


galaxy s6 won't charge

The USB cable is of much significance because of its act of bridging the charger and the phone. If you use a broken USB cable, your charger won’t be able to provide electric current to the phone. As a result, your phone won’t charge. So, you can resolve this issue by changing the broken USB cable.

Method 4: Check If The USB Port Is Loose

Further, your phone won’t charge if the USB port is loose. In that case, check your USB or utility port to make sure it is not loose. Fix the loose port and see if your device is charging or not.

Method 5: Wipe Cache Portion

Another method you can try is to wipe the cache portion from your device. Gradually, your phone develops a cache portion which may affect your device’s performance and result in such charging issues. So, we recommend you to clear the caches from your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Therefore, implement all these methods to resolve Samsung Galaxy S6 not charging issue. If you are still unable to fix the problem, you can connect with Support Numbers for extensive assistance.

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