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SGH-i337 or S4 model was one of the grand success for Samsung. It was one of those devices that brought various features such as the all-new Android KitKat 4.4 at that time. This smartphone is capable of using the Galaxy Gear. However, as the new Android version Lollipop 5.0 was introduced, users were eager to get that new update on their devices. As a result, Samsung SGH-i337 was unable to get the update. So the users were trying to get the features and unsupported applications unofficially. Rooting the device is one procedure to get the customized apps and features manually onto your device. Now, let’s take a look at how to root Samsung-SGH-i337.

Root Samsung SGH I337

What Is Root?

Root is basically a kind of limit breaker that helps the devices to access its capacity up to its limit. It also enables the device to use the full capacity of its CPU. Users can install various applications on their devices that they couldn’t. Apart from this, Root or the Superuser enables the user to install various custom ROMs and UIs on their smartphone. It is basically a zip file that is installed manually by going into the recovery mode. Although, the process can be different for different devices.

Limitations: Know Before You Do It

Rooting your device is, of course, an option to get a smoother and faster experience. But there are also some of the limitations that you should know before you attempt to do so.

  • Rooting will void your phone’s warranty. So, after rooting your smartphone, if it gets damaged during the warranty period, then you won’t get any kind of free servicing.
  • Again, while rooting your phone, it involves quite a few tricky steps. If you miss any of those steps required, then there is a high chance that your phone may get bricked.
  • Sometimes you might also face a poor performance. Some users have found that after rooting their smartphone, the device has lost both of its speed and performance.
  • Lastly, rooting may also affect your smartphone with the viruses.

Despite all these limitations, if you are willing to continue, you may follow the steps mentioned below.

How To Root Samsung-SGH-i337

Now let’s take a good look on how to root Samsung-SGH-i337 properly.


how to root samsung-sgh-i337

By Using One Click Root

First, download One click root from the internet. Now, install it on your Mac or PC.  After that, your next step would be to connect your device to the PC or Mac. Before you connect the device just turn on the USB debugging option from the “Developers Option.” Now, run the one click root to the device you’ve connected. After starting the procedure just let the software to do its job.

By Using Odin And Recovery Mode

On the other hand, you can also use the recovery mode to install the root on your device. To do so, just press the Volume up key, Power button, and Home button together to get into the recovery mode. Now, a screen will appear where you will see an exclamation mark. The screen will also show two option, such as “volume up”, that suggests continuing and “volume down”, which means cancel or restart the phone.

Now, continue the process by clicking the volume up button and run the flash and the root file via Odin on your smartphone. At this time don’t be nervous and have patience. The closing time for the process may be a bit longer. In the end, when the task will be over, if your Galaxy SGH-i337 was rooted successfully, then you will be able to see an application named Supersu on your smartphone.

If you have followed the process properly, then you will be surely able to root Samsung SGH i337. In case, you are finding the process too difficult, then it would be better if you can contact the professionals for help.

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