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July 9, 2018
Learn How To Set Safari As Default Browser
July 9, 2018

Safari is a web browser which was created by Apple based on the Webkit engine. It was first released in 2003 with access only to MacBook users. Later on, Apple included it in iOS devices such as iPhone series and iPads. It is the default browser of all Apple devices and it offers smooth browsing along with many other benefits. Safari also offers speed compatibility, strong security features, easy navigation, and many more unique features. Additionally, it has an impressive page load time, an easy user interface for Mac users and is free to download. However, Safari browser users have encountered several issues from time. Users often complain about the sudden appearance of Safari lock up error code on their devices.

This error code generally occurs due to overloading of cookies or caches in the browsing history. You can apply some quick tricks to solve the issue. But to solve it from its root and to prevent its recurrence, you should connect with an expert. Our experienced professionals provide the best technical assistance to solve all Safari issues within a quick time span.  

Possible reasons behind Safari lock up error

  • Too many tabs are opened which is creating excess load on the browser
  • Any particular running site is overloading Safari with its heavy plugin use or processing demands
  • History of Safari is flooded with numerous caches, downloads, and cookies
  • An older extension or plugin is causing the problem
  • A lot of unimportant applications are running on the browser

You should be careful while accessing Safari browser to prevent the above-mentioned situations.


Quick solutions to fix Safari lock up problem

  1. Force stop the Safari application and restart it
  2. Reboot your Apple device and open the Safari browser
  3. Close some of the unimportant tabs which are running
  4. Upgrade the existing Safari version in case you find it to be older one
  5. Update your current iOS or MacOS version
  6. Remove extensions and plugins which are malfunctioning
  7. Disable or uninstall flash player
  8. Open safari in safe mode

These steps will surely help you in resolving Safari lock up error. 

 Safari lock Up


Get in touch with our experts to avail thorough guidance

Our toll-free iPhone Support number +1-855-789-0314 is open 24/7 for your technical assistance. They will surely guide you to solve Safari lockup error within a quick time span and at an affordable price. Furthermore, you can also send an email and register your service request.

We are also available over live chat forum through which you can talk to our experts in real-time. They will offer you instant solutions if your Safari hangs, at a budget-friendly price. Additionally, we will provide you with useful tips to access the Safari browser in a correct way to prevent future errors.

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