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Moto X is the flagship line of the new generation Motorola phone. And these phones are very, very good. In terms of performance, aesthetics and all that. But users have reported about power issues with this device. It could be due to multiple different reasons. Is it the case that your Moto X won’t charge?

Out of all the reports from users regarding the power issues, this is relatively a common one. For glitches within the battery, the Moto X won’t turn on or charge. Well, you can definitely fix the problem all by yourself with the instructions given here.

Further, if you want no hassle or collateral damage with this operation, you’d need expert tech support. You can get the best in class support services from Support Numbers. That way, there will be no hassle for you.

The Reasons Why Your Moto X Won’t Charge

This is one of the power issues from the battery of Moto X that can cause you a lot of hassle. To start with the reasons, let’s begin with the simplest one.

The Motorola Moto X has a micro USB where you’ll need to plug in the charger. There are a lot of fine physical structures behind that kind of power connection. If it is somehow damaged, or maybe dirt and dust have accumulated within the port. Then it is very much possible that your Moto X won’t charge.

The Moto X runs powerful processing chipsets to carry out its functions. But that doesn’ mean it is 100% robust. Too many functions, all happening at the same time requires a lot of processing power. Though it can work, still it does leave the system vulnerable. That can also be another cause of this problem.

In terms of software issues, yes definitely any faulty system files can create issues like this. But whatever the case may be, it is fixable. And you most likely won’t have to do anything to the non-detachable battery. That’s why we have listed the solutions in the next section.

Things To Do When Your Moto X Won’t Charge

As for the problems, there might be, you’ll need to figure it out and adopt these steps. To do that, go to the Safe Mode and carry out a complete internal diagnosis. It is fairly simple and with the proper knowledge of the problems, it’ll be a lot easier.

Clear The Cache Partition If Your Moto X Won’t Charge

For this method, hold down the power button, as well as the volume button together. Without waiting for a long period of time, navigate with the Volume keys. You’ll see the brand logo and then the logo of Android.

Now, keep holding down on the Volume down key along with the one before. Do that for about 20 seconds and in the menu that appears, look for the Wipe Cache Partition option. Select it by pressing the Power button.

Close The Apps You’re Not Using At The Moment

moto x won't turn on or charge

Too many apps, all running at the same time, is kind of taxing on your Moto X. With that kind of pressure, power problems are inevitable. So, in that scenario, your Moto X won’t charge.

Turn of the numerous apps that you have on your phones ‘apps in use’ tray. That way, if operational overload is behind this error, it will be fixed.

Tidy Up your Charging Port

Moto x won't charge

If you’ve been using your phone for a long time now, it in all sorts of places and weather conditions, it is only normal that your USB charging port is untidy.

Dust particles that tend to accumulate in openings like that of the USB charging port. Can disturb the power connection, and that way your Moto X won’t charge. So, consider cleaning up the charging port to fix this problem.

Adjust Brightness And Screen Sleep Time

If you use your phone at a high level of brightness. Or, if you have a long screen sleep time. Then, it drains your battery quite a bit and it will be out of charge in a very short period of time.

Well, if that is unlikely to damage the battery, but still the thing is that you’d need to charge it more frequently. And that in and of itself can give such problems.

So, keep the brightness of your screen at a reasonable level. And your screen sleep time short. Thus, you’ll be able to avoid such battery issues in the future.

Avail The Best Services For Moto X From Support Numbers

After adopting these steps, you may fail to fix the problem or you just couldn’t identify the issue and are confused. In that case, you need the help of the most reliable tech support for this. Don’t worry, as Support Numbers is there for you.

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