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The iPhone 1970 bug is such a problem that is much similar to Fontal in iOS. One can quickly identify the bug because it prevents the users from turning on the iPhone and continuously starts rebooting. This error does not appear in iOS 7 or the earlier versions of the iPhone. The bug occurs with iPhone 5S and newer versions. However, neglecting such error can destroy and wreck the users iPhone and make it useless. By any means, if a user sets their iPhone to a time period of 1970 or earlier, it will fail the iPhone to turn on.

However, in the following article, you are going to get a complete step by step guide to settle the problems on your own. If the situation is too worst and dangerous, then resorting the problem with professional help might be the best terms for you. However, you will also get the best-in-class service from Support Numbers.


Know About  iPhone 1970 Bug

According to the latest updates, triggering the actual cause of the iPhone 1970 bug is not clear. However, a front theory on the Interweb specifies that the glitch revolves around, in such a way that the user forces the time to a 0 value. This causes failure of each and every app that requires timestamp verification.

If by any means a user accidentally bricks the iOS device, then the best possible way to settle is to take it to professionals.


How To Fix iPhone 1970 Bug: Smart Tricks

Bricking of the iOS may occur when the manually setting cause the 64-bit processor to brick after a restart. However, according to the experts, you can remove the iPhone 1970 bug if you install the latest software update. For more information, try out the following fixes.

  • Wait untill the UNIX time is equal or greater than zero and the charge of your iPhone battery is 100%. Now, find whether the system time starts.


  • Make sure that you drain your iPhone battery. Once you drain the battery entirely, the iPhone will automatically get powered off. However, to keep the internal clock working, as usual, the device leaves up with 3% battery. After processing with the rebooting, the internal clock will reset until total consumption of the battery power. Sometimes, the method proves to be wrong and bug exist.


  • You can also try out to fix the bug by removing the battery and thereby disabling it completely. Wait for at least 10 minutes and reassemble the battery again.


  • If you are not that tech proefficient, then it is recommended not to try up with the tricks without any expert surveillance.  Once you disassemble the phone, your warranty will be of no use.

Hope these solutions have been helpful for you. If not you can’t understand the steps, then contact Support Numbers and let us help you out to sort the matter.


Why Rely On Support Numbers With Your iPhone

If the above methods fail to resolve the issue of iPhone 1970 bug, the best and easiest way to deal with such error is to avail of the services from Support Numbers. Whatever the case may be, you will need help with this from specialists. For that situation, look no further than here.

The technicians and the engineers at Support Numbers are skilfull and have the complete experience to resolve this issue by working on such cases. Having a vast experience and expertise, the professionals at the Support Numbers will solve all the problems in no time whatsoever the root cause may be. Additionally, there are these other things that make them stand out from the rest of the service provides.


Punctuality With Repair Services

Once you give us the opportunity to serve you we promise you to provide you with the long-term troubleshooting measures. The tech experts at Support Numbers are very much popular regarding the solutions. You will get an impeccable analysis of the device including device analysis and all certain issues with iPhone 1970 bugs.


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