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It is very much depressing when you need to print something but you are unable to due to some glitches. You may have then heard a grinding noise and not to your surprise, found that your printer is not in a workable situation. Unfortunately, the printer software is far from getting fixed by you. As a result, you cannot. In an Epson printer, if anything happens you can fix it as Reset Epson printer is very easy now. All you need to do is reset the software and restore your printer in its previous condition. For further queries, call our Epson printer support team. We are free to help you.


Few ideas about Epson printer reset software:

In Epson printer, you may find such conditions where either you don’t get the proper printing or you get improper printing quality. Most of the times, you can even get a maintenance message.

In such cases, you need to reset the printer software to get the recovery. But to reset the software is little time consuming followed by a few steps. To get the instant but temporary recovery you can use Maintenance Reset Utility. It will allow you to do the printing for a short period of time. Also, note that you cannot use the Maintenance Reset Utility on a printer more than once.


Reset epson printer

How to reset Epson printer?

  • Open the Control Panel. It is usually located on the right-hand side of your printer. After opening the control panel, you will get “RESET” or “RESET/CONTINUE”.
  • You can now hold the RESET button for a few seconds together. You are all set to continue your printing.
  • There are rare cases where you do not get the RESET button. In such cases, you need to turn off the printer. Leave it for a few seconds. After that press, the power button again to turn on the printer. Sometimes, the printer automatically does the reset task.
  • Repeat the steps if you repeatedly face the same issue.
  • To reset Epson printer, you can also update the drivers. From the manufacturer’s site, you will get to know the details of the drivers. An updated driver with new and additional features can solve most of the issues like this.
  • If your printer shows warning messages, then click right button on your mouse on the program file icon and you can reset protection counter.
  • When the printer shows ‘OVERFLOW’, you can reset by locating the protection counter. You get clear counter overflow. Now you need to use soft reset utility after which you get to access the lockout.


An overview of Epson printer software:

In a modern printer, the software is already built-in. A printer always counts the limit that generates OVERFLOW message. Whenever, a printer prints above the printing limit, it will stop printing. It will get automatically locked. But no issues. After few times, you get the chance to unlock it and reset the Overflow.


How to use Epson printer reset software?

Few of the Epson printers are not able to run on this software. All you have to do is, install by double-clicking on the setup file. Once you install the software, you need to open it. Click on the ‘Start’ button and open the program files. Click on the tab and select the printer. After that close the tab and allow the task bar to continue the process.

Reset Epson Printer

Contact us for any query:

Even after going through the process, if you face any further issue, then don’t hesitate to talk to us. Connect our Epson printer tech support team by calling us on our toll-free number+1-855-789-0314 and we will help you out. You can also chat with our experts directly and we will provide solutions then and there. So if you aren’t able to resolve your issues on your own, reach us.

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