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iTunes is Apple’s mobile device management software. It has all the information of your iOS device including music library, movies, and card details. Generally, Apple collates all your account info and put at once place for easy management. However, often we want to remove credit card from iTunes for several reasons including expired card or to stop breaches from NFC payment.

iTunes is an advanced software with many layers of features. Sometimes it gets hard to navigate through the granular setting and remove the card. If you find any difficulty in following the procedures discussed below, get help from experts. Support Numbers is the most efficient when it comes to Apple issues and can help you to remove credit card from iTunes.

Why Is Credit Card Not Getting Removed From iTunes?

The credit card is sensitive information which has your financial information. Generally, Apple asks for credit card details while setting up an iCloud account. Apple does this so that you can buy apps, movies or books from the App Store seamlessly. There are also lots of subscription services which uses a credit card linked to your iCloud account. These subscription services use a recurring payment system and for that to work, a credit card is a must.

remove credit card from itunes


If you are unable to remove credit card from iTunes, then there may be some recurring payment issue or technical errors which can’t be fixed easily and require expert assistance. Additionally, family sharing of credit card across different iCloud accounts also makes it hard to remove credit card.

How To Remove Credit Card From iTunes?

how to remove credit card from itunes

  • Download the latest iTunes and install it. Sign in with Apple ID to your iCloud account. If you already have iTunes installed, then go to the About section on top of the menu.

  • Click on About and it will show a drop-down menu with Check for Updates. It will launch a window which will look for available updates. If there is an update, download it right away. To remove credit card from iTunes, we must be on the latest version of iTunes.

  • Thereafter, go to My account on the top menu. There you will find an option saying View my account, click on it. It will again ask for Apple ID and password to confirm your credentials. Since credit card details are sensitive financial information, Apple takes an extra effort to safeguard it.
  • Enter your password, then Account Information page will open with all your details. Look for Payment Type and click on it. This window will show all the payment methods that you have added. Afterward, click on Edit on the top-left corner. Now, select None from the list and it should remove credit card from iTunes.

  • If the above method did not work, then maybe you are having a family sharing card. In that case, ask the family organizer to remove the credit card and then, you will be easily able to remove credit card from iTunes.

  • Finally, if you are using iTunes on a Windows PC, then go to System Preferences from the top menu and select iCloud. Now, you will have Payment Information. Click on the payment tab and choose none from the drop-down menu. Give your address details and click on update to complete the procedure.

Avail Of Excellent Service And Remove Credit Card From iTunes

If you are unable to remove credit card from iTunes, then you don’t have to worry at all. The expert team of Support Numbers will handle your account information with ease. They have been dealing with iTunes and its glitches for a long time and they can easily resolve the issue in minutes. The team is fully updated with latest Apple policy and financial institutions. So, don’t worry, Support Numbers will surely help you in removing your credit card from iTunes.

Reliable Support

The first priority of Support Numbers is to provide excellent services so that your problem is effectively taken care of. The technicians have gone through extensive training to deal with iTunes issues. Sometimes, iTunes does not work properly because of device-specific reasons. At Support Numbers, we make sure those errors are quelled so that you can have a smooth experience.

All-Around Service In No Time

Support Numbers is known for instant services. The moment you make an appointment with us, we will be right there with our technician. A credit card is a sensitive information, thus we do not delay the service and try to provide help as soon as possible. The team can remove credit card from iTunes instantly. Avail of the services and we assure you that we will make a speedy resolution.

Modest Cost

The service charges at Support Numbers are quite low and we never overcharge our users. We want to have a healthy and lifelong relationship with our users. You should not worry at all, we will charge the minimum amount and will provide great support.

Give A Call To Support Numbers Now

For some reason, if you are unable to remove credit card from iTunes, worry not, Support Numbers is here. Our helplines are always active. Just call and we will be right back to you. We also have official email support and dedicated 24×7 chat support. You can discuss all the iTunes issues you are facing and we will surely resolve it at the earliest.

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