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We extensively use iMessage on iPhones because of instant messaging and easy media sharing. However, sometimes we delete important texts inadvertently and want to recover deleted text messages iPhone. While it sounds easy to recover messages, in fact, it is a tedious process. Apple deploys a complex message storing mechanism. Due to this, it gets tough to recover the messages. At times, it requires technical assistance to get the job done.

Having said that, Support Numbers is a team of experts who specialize in iOS and can recover deleted text messages iPhone using our modern tools. The technicians are top-notch and can help you with all iPhones issues as well. Here, we are going to help you through this post.


How The Text Messages Are Stored On Your iPhone?

iMessage is a messaging app by Apple and it’s different from SMS and MMS. Apple uses its proprietary technique for messages to send over carrier networks and internet. Since it works even when you are offline, the messages are stored locally in the internal storage of the device.

It seems straightforward to recover deleted text messages iPhone by locating the database in the internal storage. However, it’s a lot harder since Apple enciphers every text message with an encryption key. Also, unlike Android phones, iPhones do not have any file manager. Therefore, it’s hard to navigate the internal storage.

Messages are basically data bits stored in the memory storage of iPhone. And Apple also stores its messages on iCloud storage. Since the changes in text message reflect in real-time, the iCloud message could be changed as well.  All these technicalities make it harder to recover deleted text messages iPhone.

Still, we will try some of the basic steps to get the text messages back. It’s an easy step-guide so that you can get your messages back.


How To Recover Deleted Text messages iPhone?


recover deleted text messages iPhone

  • Since all your text messages are backed up in iCloud we are going to use the backup to recover deleted text messages iPhone. Log in to your iCloud account on PC or laptop. Provide your Apple ID and password and click on login.
  • Thereafter, you will see your account with all the details. Everything you do on your iPhone is backed up in iCloud with separate folders. Look for Messages and click on it. It will show a list of backups with dates.
  • Now, that you see your backups it means that your iCloud has the deleted messages in its drive. All you have to do is restore the backup. In case you do not see any backups, then you can’t retrieve the messages through iCloud.
  • Next, open Settings on your iPhone and go to iCloud. iCloud will have multiple options. You just have to do disable iMessage backup. Do not worry this is just to make sure earlier messages are merged with new ones.
  • Finally, tap on iMessage and it will ask for confirmation. Allow it and then text messages backup will stop. Give it a moment to let the changes take effect. After a while, open settings again and go to iCloud. Tap on iMessage and turn on iCloud backup. There will be a difference of timestamp between local and iCloud backup. So, a prompt will come up. It will ask to merge the two message database. Tap on Allow and it will essentially recover deleted text messages iPhone.

Recover Deleted Text Messages Through iTunes

Alternatively, you can use iTunes to recover deleted text messages iPhone. Every time you plug your iPhone on your Mac or PC, iTunes makes a backup of everything in your mobile. It is a standard procedure Apple follow so that no one loses any personal files. To recover the messages follow on.

Connect your iPhone to Mac and iTunes will open automatically or just open it manually. iTunes will show the device connected. Navigate to Backups on iTunes and it will enlist all the past backups. Choose the most recent backup and proceed. It will start the recovery process which will take 5-10 mins. Meanwhile, iPhone will reboot with all your messages intact. Keep in mind that this process will restore all the changes that were made in all apps during the transition period. This way you can recover deleted text messages iPhone.

Choose Support Numbers To Recover Deleted Messages Easily

If the steps provided were a bit technical for you, Support Numbers can help you to recover deleted text messages iPhone. The team comprises of talented technicians who work on iOS and its application. Apart from iTunes and iCloud, we have special software to bring back deleted text messages. The professionals of Support Numbers are highly skilled. Hence, you can rely on us for any help regarding iPhone.

Professional Technicians

Technicians of Support Numbers are professionals in their field. They do not compromise on the quality of service as the technicians are highly knowledgeable about iPhones and iOS in particular. Whichever iOS version you are using, our engineers can easily recover deleted text messages iPhone.

Timely Service

At Support Numbers, we believe in providing service within the time prescribed. The work ethics are commendable and we do not make our clients wait. If you are facing any problem with your iPhone, you can contact Support Numbers and we will fix the issue instantly. You can also get online support in case you need immediate attention to your issue.

Pocket-Friendly Services

Services of Support Numbers are quite inexpensive because we work in an optimum way so it costs less and quality of service also remains great. You don’t have to worry, the engineers will do their best to bring the service charge within your budget.

Round The Clock Availability

We, Support Numbers, are here to help you out. If you want to recover deleted text messages iPhone, just give us a call and we will definitely guide you. You can also mail us or just chat with our engineers through the Live Chat Portal. Don’t hesitate, just call us and we will take care of the issue.

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