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PDF, an acronym for Portable Document File is arguably the most popular format for using text files. Doesn’t matter what trade you might be in, you most likely use PDFs. Printing documents is the easiest when you use PDFs. And there are a lot of other benefits with PDFs that makes it the best choice for everybody. If you are an iOS user and would like to put PDF on iPhone. Here in this article, you’ll get all the information necessary for that. Thus, you’ll know how to add PDF to iPhone.

In any case, if you don’t count yourself as even remotely tech-savvy, no worries for that either. We can help you with that.


Ways To Put PDF On iPhone: The “Why And How”s


The iOS devices are absolutely fantastic in terms of performance and presentability. That makes them worth every penny you pay and thus, so many people use these devices. From school age kids to working professionals and also the elderly.

In today’s era, e-documents are most in use, but hard copies aren’t obsolete either. We just have both the options at our disposal. That is where the Portable Document Files i.e. the PDFs come in.

Not only are PDFs easily viewable, with the various PDF viewers available today. For example, Adobe reader for both computers and handhelds, running any kind of operating system. And also the ones from the Apple app store, the best example in that category being iBooks. It is as convenient as it gets. Managing and distributing written information, easier than ever with this.

Now, to the issue of working with physical prints, the Portable Document Files excel there as well. Doesn’t matter what platform that you are working with, PDFs can be set up for printing very easily. And with that, you’ll have high-quality prints too.

Now, if you have an iPhone and want to get all the benefits of the PDF format, you’ll need to put PDF on iPhone. If you’re not sure how to do that, then just read through the next section. There are the in-depth instructions for that.


How To Put PDF On iPhone: The Process


There is no need to be under the impression that you can’t access PDFs from your iPhone. Let this be clear first and foremost. You can work with PDFs from any model of iPhone that you use and irrespective of the version of iOS.

Here are the necessary steps that you need to carry out to put PDF on iPhone.

  1. Get The iBooks App: First things first, you’ll need an app that is going to read and display your  PDF files. We recommend you to visit the Apple app store and install the iBooks application.
  2. Go To iTunes From The Computer: This is going to work as an interface between your computer and your iPhone. That way you will be able to easily put PDF on iPhone.
  3.  Once In iTunes, Click On Books: You’ll have to set your Preferences to the Books. You’ll come across this particular option in the main menu.


Put PDF On iPhone


4. Look For The PDF Files Through A File Browser: One thing is there, that you’ll have to be able to view the necessary PDF files as well as iTunes. You can have that if you are using a file browser, such as Finder for Mac computers and Explorer in case of PC.

5. Move The PDFs From iTunes To The Book Library: This is the easiest step of the procedure of putting PDF files on iPhone. Just drag the PDF files from iTunes and drop them into the Book library window.

6. Connect Your iPhone To The Computer: Now, you have to plug your iPhone into your computer. After that, make sure to choose your device from within iTunes.

7. Click On The Books Tab And Then Sync It: Look for the Books tab at the top of the iTunes window. Once you’re there, you’ll have to sync up the data if automatic sync is not active.

8. Apply: When all is said and done, click on the Apply button.


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