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We are all used to taking screenshots every now and then to validate our words on what exactly is being shown on the screen of our smartphones, tablet or laptops. So, what is a screenshot? A screenshot also called a screen grab is a picture or image taken of what is being visible or displayed on the screen of the television, smartphone screen, laptop screens and any other visual output devices. A screenshot might be a photo or any digital image taken automatically in the device. The features of taking a screenshot come inbuilt in almost all devices with – Android, Chrome OS, HP WebOS, iOS, Linux, OS X, Maemo 5, Windows, XBox One, Windows phones. But sometimes you may face a problem in understanding how to paste screenshot on Mac. Call us for immediate solutions to fix all your troubles and queries.

A screenshot is used to describe the process of capturing or recording anything that is showing on the screen to a static image file. The main uses of a screenshot are –

  • In the social media platforms, you can easily take a screenshot to show others what exactly you want to.
  • In case a software is malfunctioning you may take a screenshot of the display screen to show others what kind of error is being displayed on your screen.
  • If you are doing a tutorials taking a screenshot really helps to point out and explain the things that you want to address.
  • If there is something showing on the screen that cannot be printed you can simply take a screenshot of the page and then print it or use it for your reference later on.
  • You can use a combination of different keys or shortcuts to take a screenshot instead of always opening the software each time you have to take an image.


How to Paste Screenshot on Mac

If you have any problems regarding how to screenshot on Mac and paste in MacBooks, manufactured by Apple Inc., talk to our experts and engineers and they would guide you through the proper ways of how to screenshot on Mac and paste, successfully. In Apple Macbooks, you can easily take screenshots of –

  • The entire screen of the laptop
  • Only one portion of the screen of the laptop
  • Any specific application or software window in the laptop

If you are thinking of how to paste screenshot on Macbook you should know that you can capture a screenshot and paste in either on the Clipboard or in MS Word or save it as a photo in the file. We are here to show you the correct ways of how to paste a screenshot on Mac to save it on your device either as a document or as a photo for future usage.

Some devices and operating systems, including Apple MacBooks have built-in software to take a screenshot. But, if your device does not have one, you may download any one of the several tools and applications available online to capture screenshots.  

How to Paste Screenshot on Mac


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