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July 9, 2018
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July 9, 2018

In this era, live videos, as well as pre-recorded ones of real-time gameplay has gotten really popular. And to fill that need, the premier gaming technology brand Nvidia has come up with ShadowPlay. It allows you to record your gameplay and also live-stream it. A dream come true for gamers on YouTube. But, it is not totally free of troubles and occasionally it can go out of order. If you happen to be a regular user and you find your Nvidia ShadowPlay not working. Don’t worry. You can fix it all by yourself with some expert guidance. The instructions that you’ll find in this article will be just the guide you need for this. But in case you can’t fix the problem, you will need professional tech support. You will get absolutely the best from Support Numbers.


Nvidia Shadowplay Not Working


The Possible Causes Of Nvidia ShadowPlay Not


This software although is robust and built to give peak performance, still it is only normal that sometimes the issue of Nvidia ShadowPlay, not recording comes up.

It usually depends on the kind of usage by the individual. That along with the type of system he or she might be using. Recording the gameplay is relatively simple. There is just the load of running the game on the computer’s part.

Further, the system is designed to handle this load and other than that, there is just the operation of ShadowPlay. Where it records the gameplay. However, live streaming is a whole lot complicated. Where ShadowPlay is having to take the burden of recording and sending data.

The main cause behind Nvidia ShadowPlay not working can be attributed to issues with streaming. Other than that, there is definitely the issue with faulty updates and all that. And sometimes also, the hotkeys become inactive and it won’t do the recording.

Anyway, whatever the reasons may be for which you’re facing the issue of the Nvidia ShadowPlay not working. Is something you can definitely fix or at least work around. In the next section, you’ll find all the information that you need to do just that.


The Fixes For ShadowPlay Errors

There can be more than one issue for which you might find the Nvidia ShadowPlay not working. Depending on what the problem is, you would have to identify and execute.


Update The Software

Software updates being as important as they are, you should definitely consider this. You should download and then install the updates for the GeForce Experience.

To do this, Open up the Command Prompt window and type in ‘appwiz.cpl’. Then in the Programs window that shows up, choose this software from the list. Uninstall it with the help of the on-screen instructions. Finally, download the GeForce Experience from the internet and install it.


Disable The Twitch Streaming Service

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming services with a global user base. It works very well with the GeForce Experience but if you’re facing this problem. Consider disabling Twitch temporarily, as a solution.

First, open up the ShadowPlay window and choose the My Rig tab. Then, click on the ShadowPlay option under it to open up the Settings panel. Go to the Account selection section and from there, log out from your Twitch account.


Use The Fullscreen Mode

As because the majority of video games are recorded in full-screen mode. You should use the full-screen mode with ShadowPlay. Or else you might find your Nvidia ShadowPlay not recording.

So, before initiating the recording process, press the F11 key to toggle the full-screen mode.


Activate The Privacy Control

Usually, these kinds of things happen post update. If you find that somehow the privacy control of ShadowPlay is in off mode, then you’d need to turn it on once again.

Open up the Settings window of ShadowPlay and click on the General option. In that particular section, you’ll find the Share option and once you find it, click the ON option. This will most likely solve this error.


Enable Desktop Capture

If you find the Nvidia GeForce Experience ShadowPlay not working, you can try this way as well. Go to the ShadowPlay window and choose the Preferences option.

Then, in the Overlay section, click the Allow Desktop Capture checkbox. Now, see if you are being able to use ShadowPlay for recording.


Why Rely On Support Numbers

If you could not solve the issue of Nvidia ShadowPlay not working with the given instructions or you think that you’re not proficient enough to do this. You will need the help of the expert technicians and that is where Support Numbers come in.

The engineers of Support Numbers are highly skilled and have the complete know-how of these issues. Leveraging their experience and expertise, they will solve your problems in no time whatsoever.

Additionally, there are these other things that make them stand out from the rest of the service provides.


Punctuality Of Service

With the services of Support Numbers, you can rest assured that you will get the services on time.


Cutting Edge Working Methods

The tech support personnel use the tools and techniques of the most advanced sorts to fix the problems. So, you can rely on Support Numbers without any kind of doubt or hesitation.


Reasonable Service Charges

You’ll get premium quality servicing from Support Numbers at the most affordable rates. For the issue of Nvidia ShadowPlay not working and many more.


Get In Touch With The 24×7 Active Helpdesk

You can choose from among three ways to contact Support Numbers. You can avail of the services by dialing the helpline number. Accordingly, you can do that any time of the day, as you find convenient. Or, drop an email addressing the problem you are facing. Finally, for a complete real-time discussion regarding this issue or anything else, use the Live Chat Support portal.


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