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Nvidia is one of the most prosperous computer chip manufacturing companies over decades. Moreover, it focuses on the design of graphics processing units that are employed in computers.  It is quite offending and irritating when suddenly you get an error message saying Nvidia no compatible hardware found. This type of problem occurs when one reinstalls the Windows OS just after installing the Intel HD graphics or the Nvidia Hardware Driver.

In case you are not tech-savvy enough, it’s better not to try to recover on your own. Opt for technical support that will solve the problem from the root. However, you can try out the solutions given below. Plus, Support Numbers team will be guiding you in the entire process.


More About Nvidia No Compatible Hardware Found

Moreover, coming to the part of the installation of Graphics Drivers, one message that the user considers often is “Unable to find compatible graphics hardware”. After getting this type of messages, you might think of reinstalling Windows OS, Nvidia or Intel HD. However, it is of no use as it is pretty lengthy and also do not give an assurance of resolving the problem. Moreover, it’s a little irritating job to download different versions.

So, in this article, we provided easy tricks to overcome such issues. And you don’t have to download anything else apart from the Nvidia driver. We can assure you that although the process is a little bit tricky, still if you do not make any mistake the methods will surely help you out.


nvidia no compatible hardware found


Some Relevant Causes Of Nvidia No Compatible

Hardware Found

Here are some relevant causes of this error that will help you to understand the problem more deeply. So have a look at these hardware problems keenly:

  • Corrupt files can be a cause
  • Failing of the Overwatch
  • Issues with outdated drivers
  • Graphics card not working

These are some of the problems that take a long time to resolve. So, without wasting your time follow the steps or call the Support Numbers to solve any queries or difficulties Nvidia no compatible hardware found.


Nvidia Could Not Find Compatible Graphics Hardware:

Smart Hacks

We have pulled out the defenders of Nvidia no compatible hardware found. Now, we can start troubleshooting the issue. Promptly, we will be going through the most accurate fix. Therefore, try out these easy steps.

Step 1

Firstly, enter inside Nvidia and get the device ID. To get the device ID, click the Control Panel and open the System option and finally open the Device Manager. If you are having any video card that already has a driver under the Display Adapter or any other devices, then open the Video Adapter. Get the details and also ensure select the Device Instance Id. You will get to se some codes like :


“PCIVEN_10DE&DEV_0DD1&SUBSYS_20421043&REV_A1 4&30DE1B”

Step 2

Once you find the option that you are unable to install, the total operation is failed. Then, the best possible way is to extract the files from the installation directory. You will get a directory with coding like this “C: NVIDIADisplayDriver340.43Win8_WinVista_Win7_64InternationalDisplay.Driver.” Now get the exact INF files.

However, note that there are different types of INF files and you need to identify the correct one. Now pick any of the INF files, make the backup copy. Then, open the original data in the notepad or anywhere as you like. Scroll down and you will find different codings. If you are not getting any code, wait until you reach the systems.

Step 3

In this process, you have to have a look at the pattern of the steps 2. Once you make the Device ID Video adapter and remember to insert it in this part. There will no change in the first part as it is the same for everyone. Add your device and subsys, and also the rest so that your Device ID matches. Once it is all set, get ready to insert it and follow with the processing. After this scroll down and enter the string section and add your video card.

Step 4

Now, save the files. Check and open the setup.exe from the Installation Directory. Remember not to run the file that you downloaded. At last, install the drivers and wait for some time. Just restart your laptop, and you will be ready to reaccess your hardware.

If still, the problem is troubling you get intact with Support Numbers today.


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