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July 4, 2018
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July 4, 2018

McAfee is the strongest antivirus, with an improved and feature-rich interface…which may, in turn, have brought along some network errors. Windows 10 or Windows 8 users may face this issue. One of the major issues is ‘default gateway is not available’ which basically McAfee no network detected.


The main reason behind such issue is a weak network connection. Or sometimes, frequently dropping internet connection may cause this issue too. Default gateway problem may occur due to corrupted McAfee product or Windows login feature. It is also possible that an outdated and obsolete network adaptor might be working badly against the issue.


Before straightaway going to troubleshoot method, power drain out is the methods you need to try. To do that, turn off your router and the modem for at least 4 minutes. Then power it back on. Doing this will refresh the network connection and this time you should not face such problem anymore.


If the problem persists then you may try these steps to resolve the issue by yourself.


Ways to Resolve McAfee No Network Detected Issue


Fortunately, the default gateway issue is not something unusual. So following these easy steps should resolve the problem. In case of any difficulties, you can directly contact us.  


Erase All McAfee ProgrammesMcAfee No Network Detected


In most of the cases if you are facing this issue it primarily means, McAfee security software is interfering. In that case, the best thing you can try is completely removing the software components from your system. You can complete the task from the Control Panel. Or alternatively, go to the run Window and type appwiz.cpl in the search box and press enter.


Now you should not face any such issue if the solution works then you can try other alternatives. Or if it doesn’t work then you can follow the next step.


Auto-login Feature Disable it


Auto-login feature logged on the user to the last used account you use before shutting down the system directly. Due to this feature, you may also face this issue too. However, to disable this feature there are no direct instructions. But you can use a trick to prevent the situation, apply the password for each account.


This way you can stop the service being activated. Using a Microsoft Account is the easiest way to deal with the service. As Microsoft will provide the option to reset the password if in case you forgot the password simply by using your email account.


Update Network Adapter Driver


If the problem persists the on the next go, you need to update the network drivers. Go to the Run window and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. Although, you should have an administrative account to make any changes.


Go to the network adapter and then navigate to the network adapter that you are using. Right click on that and then chose update from the menu. Now click on search automatically for driver software. This will download the available driver.


Uninstall the Network Adapter


If updating the driver doesn’t bring any change to the current situation then you need to uninstall the driver. To do so, navigate to the device manager by following the same command as above. Locate the driver you are using and then right click on it this time chose to uninstall. This will uninstall the driver. Now you need to restart your computer at the time of reboot the driver will install automatically.


Contact Us


These are the easy ways to fix McAfee no network detected issue. Following the steps should omit the problem. In case you are still facing the same issue then you can contact our McAfee Support Number: +1-855-789-0314. We are sure to help you out with the problem.

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