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iPhones are great mobile devices for everyday use. Due to the portability of mobile phones, we often lose it and sometimes are unable to find it. There are certain ways you can find your iPhone easily. The lost mode iPhone has some advanced features which you can take advantage of. iPhones have native lost mode feature which prevents unauthorized access and can also help you get the mobile back. We will help you to navigate through the settings so that you can set up lost mode and track your iPhone instantly. In case you face any difficulty, you can contact Support Numbers team for help and guidance.


What Is Lost Mode iPhone?

iPhones are personal devices which we use for the various purpose. To safeguard our personal photos and files, Apple has devised the lost mode iPhone. Basically, when you inadvertently leave your iPhone in restaurants or cabs, the lost mode can help you get your mobile back. There are numbers of features which locks the device and does not allow any unauthorized access.

Most importantly, you can set up a new passcode and lock the device from further use. You can ring your device as well as flash a custom message on the lock screen. For example, If any stranger has got hold of your iPhone, then you can prompt an emergency number so that the person can call you. The lost mode also takes care of privacy and doesn’t divulge any information on the lock screen. It does not display notification alerts and Facetime calls on the lock screen.

Moreover, lost mode iPhone bolts down the basic features from the lock screen. No one can change the location services or mobile data from the lock screen. This helps in tracking the device easily. All credit and debit cards linked to Apple Pay are suspended from further use.


How To Use Lost Mode To Track iPhone?


iphone lost mode


  • To enable lost mode, open iCloud on your PC or another phone. If you have an iPhone which you have used for Apple family sharing in the past, it is better to use that particular device. Apple has a record of all the device linked to your icloud account, it will be easier for Apple to identify you and trust the device.
  • After logging in, it will show you a list of devices connected to your icloud account. Choose the lost device and it will open a new page with advanced options.


  • Advanced options include Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase iPhone. If you believe the phone is around your vicinity, you can play sound on your iPhone remotely so that you can easily find it. The phone will ring irrespective of Do Not Disturb or vibration mode.


  • You can enable the lost mode iPhone by clicking on Lost mode. If your device already has a passcode set up, then it will ask the previous passcode to confirm your veracity. Furthermore, you can set up a new passcode also. This will enable lost mode on your device and instantly lock the phone unless the new passcode is provided.


Track Your Lost iPhone


iphone lost mode check


  • You can easily track your iPhone with the live location as well. Click on Track device and it will show the live location and earlier location changes on a map. If your device is offline, then the changes will take effect the next time phone goes online.
  • On iPhone Lost mode, you also get an option to provide a phone number. it will appear on the lock screen of your device. Click on Enter phone number and provide an alternate number so that people can reach you. Additionally, you can provide a short message on the lock screen to indicate that the device is lost and how to contact.


  • iPhone Lost mode also has an option to erase data remotely. If you are suspicious of someone accessing your personal files, then you can completely erase your iPhone. Do note that this process will wipe the phone and you can’t undo the changes. For security measures, iPhone is encrypted as well to prevent reverse engineering of internal storage.


Reliable Service At Your Fingertips

In case you need any further technical assistance from professionals, get in touch with Support Numbers. We are a team of professional engineers who deal with iPhone issues regularly. The skilled technicians are resolving such issues for a decade and are known for our reliable and trustworthy service. If you have lost your iPhone, you should absolutely not worry. As the in-house experts of Support Numbers can enable lost mode iPhone in a minute and can help you track the phone with live location.

Know Our Experts

The technicians at Support Numbers are well-trained and have gained enough experience to diagnose iPhone related issues. They can help you set up lost mode iPhone and also guide you through the advanced settings. Our goal is to provide excellent service with privacy in mind. The professionals are trained to help users without any issue of data duplication. We take privacy seriously and do not encourage sharing of sensitive credentials.

Service Within Your Budget

At Support Numbers, our only aim is to provide reliable services at an affordable price. We believe in resolving user’s issues at minimum cost so that it does not become a burden on your finances.

Available Anytime, Anywhere

The technicians of Support Numbers are always on toes and can help you find your lost mobile immediately. iPhones are expensive device and we understand that support is instantly needed to track it. That’s why our professionals work round the clock and can reach your preferred location as fast as possible.

Call Us Right Now for Instant iPhone Tracking

Support Numbers is available through various channels. We understand the urgency to find lost iPhone that’s why we have a 24×7 active helpline. Call Support Numbers and the team will help you get your iPhone back. If you are unable to setup lost mode iPhone, chat with the tech executives or just email your queries. Be assured, we will reply to your questions with full resolution immediately. Don’t hesitate and dial us for hassle-free support.


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