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Basic Input Output System (BIOS) tests, configures and connects your computer’s hardware to the Operating System. Before you turn on your laptop, your computer’s microprocessor uses the BIOS software to start the computer system. In a Lenovo laptop, sometimes, the hardware or the software does not work properly. To eliminate the glitches, we often reboot our laptop/ computer. While performing reboot process, BIOS contains a set of instructions to let the system know where to boot and which drive to boot first. To perform boot process efficiently, you should go through Lenovo Bios Update.

updating Lenovo BIOS

Precautions to take before updating Lenovo BIOS:

  1. It is not suggested for inexperienced users to bring any changes to BIOS settings. As without having a proper idea about firmware interface, if you change the settings, it can result into a new interface.
  2. The biggest limitation of BIOS update is you have to confirm whether your current BIOS supports large capacity or not.
  3. If your Lenovo laptop is in a good work condition, then you probably should not update the BIOS software. There are cases where new BIOS updates come with new bugs.
  4. You need to carefully handle the BIOS update keeping in mind the exact hardware. Even a minor mistake can bring changes to the entire motherboard as well as the entire system.
  5. You must ensure that you are updating the BIOS in proper power connection, as power fluctuations can lead to damage the boot process in the system. As you are updating a Lenovo laptop make sure that the battery is fully charged.
  6. While updating BIOS, you have to keep a backup of the existing BIOS. Even you update BIOS you will be instructed from the manufacturer’s site to keep the backup.


Importance of Updating BIOS:

For hardware and software updates, Lenovo bios update is necessary. Motherboard utilizes the newer updates of BIOS for identifying new hardware(e.g: processors, RAM). To upgrade the CPU,  BIOS update is a good option.

At the time of rebooting your system, the latest BIOS updates come with security updates. If there is an issue with the motherboard, the new BIOS updates fix those bugs. Thus, it not only increases the stability of the system but also boosts up the speed of data transfer.


How to Perform Lenovo bios update?

BIOS update in Lenovo is necessary in order to resolve system board issues.

  • You can update the BIOS in Windows with an executable. You have to visit the Lenovo support Site and put your search in the order of Product name, Serial number, Machine type.

Make sure that you have put the correct system information. You can never afford any blunder while putting any information about the system as it installing a wrong BIOS will disable your entire system.

  • In driver and software section, you will get the components box where you need to choose BIOS.
  • You will get the update version options. Select the accurate version and start downloading it.
  • You can update the BIOS by Lenovo system updates.
  • To update BIOS you should find your current BIOS version.
  • Run the downloaded installer or the .exe file to do Lenovo bios update.

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