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Windows 10 users face the internet connectivity issue on PC and laptop. Even though the Ethernet and router are configured properly, you may face IPv6 no network access Windows 10 error. This is a frustrating network glitch which is not letting users connect to the internet. Surprisingly, the internet works on mobile phones through the same router but it does not work on PC. Users suspect the problem is with Windows 10. IPv6 is a new internet protocol which may be causing the problem on the latest version of Windows 10.

However, you should not fret, with th help of this article, you can fix IPv6 no network access Windows 10 within minutes.

What Is IPv6 No Network Access Windows 10?


IPv6 no network access windows 10


The Internet is governed by some set of protocols to connect to other computers. Basically, this protocol lets computers identify other computers in the network and re-routes the traffic. Data packets are delivered to the end computer with the help of this protocol. For long, the old IPv4 protocol was in use for internet traffic management. Correspondingly, it is outdated and insecure, a new protocol has been brought up as IPv6.

Accordingly, the web standard is new and many Operating Systems are trying to implement it, which is resulting in incompatibility among network devices. IPv6 no network access windows 10 occurs when router or Ethernet is not configured properly to support IPv6.

Further, newly manufactured routers support IPv6 out of the box but earlier builds of Windows 10 is not configured properly to support the new standard. In that case, we can help you configure the Windows 10 settings manually without having to update your PC.


How To Fix Windows 10 IPv6 No Network Access?

  • Firstly, press the Windows key and R simultaneously, it will open a small window. Now, type services.msc and hit enter. It will open a list of services which are running on your PC. Go through the list and find IP Helper. Basically, IP Helper is an inbuilt network diagnostic tool which can fix any incompatibility across the network.

Ipv6 connectivity no network access windows 10


  • In order to fix IPv6 no network access Windows 10,  right click on IP Helper and go to properties. There, select stop and it will forcefully stop the service. Then, wait for a while and then, click on Start button to restart the service. This will ensure IP Helper remains active and fixes the protocol errors.

windows 10 IPv6 no network access


  • Alternatively, you can disable IP Helper in the same window of services. Right click on IP Helper and click on disable. It should effectively fix IPv6 connectivity no network access Windows 10.

IPv6 no network access windows 10 wifi

Update Ethernet Firmware

  • Try updating your Ethernet firmware. IPv6 is a new web standard so your Ethernet manufacturer might have released an update to support the new protocol. To do so, right click on My Computer and click on Manage. Then, go to Device Manager, then navigate to the Network connectivity tab and click on it. It will open a series of network devices. Right click on Ethernet and select Update Driver. This will download the latest update from Microsoft’s server and IPv6 no network access Windows 10 should be fixed by now.


  • You can also manually change the configuration. After updating the firmware, press windows key and search network and sharing center. Open it and click on change adapter setting. This will let you change the configuration to IPv6 from old IPv4.


  • Adapter settings will open a new window with the Ethernet and other network devices. Right click on Ethernet and go to Properties. A small window will open with lots of Advanced options. Skip through the Settings and go to Network Connectivity tab. There, you will find many options but look for IPv6 open it. By default, it is disabled. Here, select Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click on Save changes.


  • Moreover, this will ensure you have made your Windows 10 IPv6 compatible. Now, IPv6 no network access Windows 10 should be resolved and you can enjoy the internet.


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