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The iPhone from Apple Inc. is one of the most popular smartphones around the world. It runs the iOS and is well known for its high performance. In case you are a beginner in the iOS world, or you bought a new model of the iPhone, and want to access Gmail from it but you can not do so for some reason. In such instances, you’ll need to perform a complete iPhone setup. That way you’ll be able to use your favorite email service, Gmail in your iOS device.

We have listed in this article, a complete instructional for this. After going through this, you’ll be able to set up Gmail on your iPhone. However, in case, you don’t have a lot of confidence in your technical abilities and want some help with the procedure, Support Numbers is here to rescue you.

Why Need An iPhone Setup And How

There are generally two opposing camps in the smartphone community, the Android users and the iOS users. Android is from Google and iOS is from Apple. But, when it comes to email services, Google is number one without any doubt.

Google’s Gmail is the premier emailing service that millions of people around the world use. And the thing is, it is accessible from any Operating System, including Apple iOS. So, iPhone users can also use Gmail.

However, in order to do that, you would definitely need to perform an iPhone setup. That way it will be totally usable without any kind of hassle. If you’re going from an old iPhone to a new one, you’ll be able to retrieve all of that data easily.

There are more reasons, in fact, the important ones as such for which you might need to set up your iPhone. There is the issue of security. You will need to take measures for the security of your information. As in an inter-platform operation like this, any mistake in the configuration can be risky.

Other than that, if you’re changing from any other Operating System to iOS, then also an iPhone setup becomes mandatory. That way the process of syncing for the purpose of data retrieval would go well. All in all, this is something you should check into not only for activating Gmail on your iPhone but also to avoid any issues in the near future.

How To Setup Gmail On iPhone

There are two different ways to carry out iPhone setup. Either you can automatically set up the Gmail for your iPhone or you can take the manual route and follow the given steps.


iPhone setup


Automatic Setup

This is the easiest way to get this job done. We recommend you try this first. To begin the procedure, you’ll have to add your email account. That is why in your iPhone, open up the Settings option and choose Accounts & Passwords from there. After that, you’ll be able to add a new account.

You’ll find the option for Gmail account and clicking on that will connect to your account. Put in your email ID and password and tap on the Next button. Once verification is over, select all the information that you want and finally tap on Save.

Manual Setup

Setting up Gmail manually on your iPhone becomes necessary when you are trying to set it up automatically. Like we’ve mentioned that you’ll come across the option for Gmail which you’ll have to tap on. But if you don’t find that option, do as follows.

Once again, open up the Settings icon and find the Add Account option. There you’ll see an option called Other. Tap on it and in the Add Mail Account section that comes up. Type in the details they ask for and tap on the next button.

Once Mail gets your settings information and completes the setup process, choose Done to finish.

What If Mail Fails To Find Your Settings Information

In case you fail to find the Settings option, you’ll have to input it in manually, all of it. Select from among the POP or the IMAP depending on what is necessary. Put in the Mail Server information, both for Incoming and Outgoing. Complete the procedure by selecting the Save option.

If anything is not correct, you’ll be shown some edit prompt. Thus bringing an end to the iPhone setup process.

Why Opt For The Services From Support Numbers

Accordingly, whatever instructions you followed for executing the iPhone setup may fail. Further, you may consider yourself not enough technologically sound. Whatever the scenario is, you need help with this from some expert. Look no further.

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