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Apple Inc. commands the majority of the global smartphone market share. It has been due to the premium quality of the products they sell and the services they provide around them. But, problems do occur from time to time, and the issue of the iphone home button not working is relatively common.

If you happen to face this issue and are not willing to take it to service right away, no problem. You have come to the right place. With the instructions given in this article, you’ll have a fair chance to fix it, all by yourself and from anywhere you are in the world.

But, if that’s not something that you’re willing to do for certain reasons. You’ll need expert assistance. We have got you covered with that as well with the tech support services.


Reasons And Solutions For Home Button Not Working in iPhone


iphone 6 home button not working

The Home button is one of the few interactive hardware pieces that you can find on the body of the iPhone. And it is a vital one. You might not be aware of its importance while it is working right.

Although this appears to be a hardware issue, the reasons for the iPhone home button, not working can arise from a software error as well. At other times, it can be a combination of both. We can venture a guess as to what the error could be.

Firstly, let’s clear up the hardware part. If you have bought, say a new iPhone 6 and you find your iPhone 6 home button not working, then maybe there is something wrong with the software behind this. Maybe the drivers have not been updated or the active updates are corrupt.

On the other hand, if you have had your iPhone for quite a while now and you use it a lot, then maybe there is some minor physical damage. It could be anything and even more. So, expert help would definitely be the best course of action. But, before going for that try these steps given here.


Solutions To iPhone Home Button Not Working

Here is a list of the solutions to the problems that we’ve mentioned above. Err on the side of caution while executing these steps.

Configure The iPhone Correctly


iphone home button not working

In case it is a software glitch, iPhone home button not working, then you can try to reconfigure your iPhone. To do that, first, open up any stock app.

Once in it, press down the Sleep button for a few seconds. After that, click on the Home button for somewhere within 5-10 seconds. That will close the app and if within the scope, the home button would start working again.

Put The Docking Port In The Correct Place

This is a physical damage that you’d need to be extra careful of while trying to fix the issue. Otherwise, it will just damage your iPhone further. Take a USB cable and attach it to the docking port. After that, hold down on the 30 pin connector.

That way, the USB port would be brought back into alignment. Then, unplug the cable and see if the home button is working again.

Tidy Up The Home Button

This might very well be the reason behind your iPhone home button not working. Especially, if your iPhone has been serving you for a long time. With daily usage, dirt and dust might have accumulated in the Home button. If it is causing the problem, then it is imperative that you clean it up.

First, get hold of a highly pure solution of isopropyl alcohol. It is generally available in hardware stores. Dip a cotton swab into this solution and use it to clean up the home button. Be careful not to touch the screen with that though.

Shut down the device and after 10 to 15 minutes open it up. See if the Home button is working.

Use The On-screen Home Button

If nothing is working, then you might have to give up on some screen real estate. And use the on-screen Home button, at least for the time being.

For this, go to the Settings option, and from the General option, select Accessibility. After that, you’ll have to select the option called Assistive Touch and activate it.


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