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We understand how much irritating it is when all of a sudden your HP laptop screen starts flickering. After all, we all want to use a flawless laptop. It’s very troublesome when you cannot access your expensive laptop smoothly. On that note, our expert will guide you through the handy solutions to HP laptop screen flickering fix.

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Common reasons behind HP Laptop Screen Flickering Fix

HP Laptop screen flickering is rare issue users get. But with an HP laptop, it happens very often. The most relevant cause of such a problem is a hardware glitch. Loose or damaged screen cable, virus, backdated driver, inverter, backlight are likely the causes.

  1. Inverter: A short circuit inverter board is likely a cause for your laptop screen flickering. As it provides the power of the backlight.
  2. Backlight Lamp: Inverter provides the power to the backlight lamp. In case, the connection is not proper, then the laptop’s screen may flicker.
  3. Driver: if you are accessing your laptop with a backdated driver, then you must update the driver first.
  4. Virus or malware: A virus is very much harmful to any system. It’s better you use an antivirus software to avoid any Virus or Malware attack on your laptop.

 How to Fix HP Laptop Screen Flickering Issue?

HP laptop screen flickering fix

One thing you should always keep in mind is to maintain the refresh rate. Refresh rate indicates the times you redraw the screen. Unless you maintain the refresh rate according to the capability of the CPU, it will result in screen flickering.

  • Update graphics driver: This is the best way to HP Laptop screen flickering Fix. So always try to use updated graphics card driver.
  • Hardware failure: If you diagnose the problem with the backlight and inverter, then you should consult an expert. Contact our tech-savvy team and get reliable service.
  • An older monitor is always dangerous. All you can do is replace the monitor. Call us in order to replace the monitor. We understand your necessity of the product. Therefore, our delivery time is 2-3 days.
  • Reboot or restart: The time you see screen flickering, one thing you should first do is remove the battery for few minutes. After that, re-insert the battery to the laptop and plug the charger immediately. That is how all you get is a flicker-free display.

The above-mentioned solutions may help you for HP laptop screen flickering fix. If you are unable to proceed, then don’t worry and simply contact us.

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