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July 5, 2018
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HP laptop HDMI port not working is a trouble that makes a user wait in dilemma to enquire affordable support. The main trouble arises when a user tries to add a second monitor to his primary device. That is when the system refuses to identify the HDMI cable, thereby arising the trouble of HP laptop HDMI port not working.

The main cause for this is that the secondary monitor does not catch up the signal from the primary one. One very common symptom of this error is when your laptop flashes a black screen with blinking light.

HP Laptop HDMI Port Not Working

How to troubleshoot the error?

In order to find some reliable answers to mitigate this hassle, here is what you can do-


Restoring the default settings will help to keep your system active without incurring any disruption to your system files. All your saved files will get saved in separate program folders assigned in order to the file directory.


This is another useful remedy that helps you to remove all the apparent troubles in your system bringing up the error of HP laptop HDMI port not working. You can also uninstall the update and then reinstall them as it can also resolve the issue.

Additional options:

  • Another possible solution you can avail in this respect is to install the video driver on your PC or simply look for the product number. It will also help you to find the relevant answer to your query.
  • Another easy solution to troubleshoot this error is to simply use USB 3.0 along with the HDMI out adapter.

However, if nothing works well for you, you must get some trusted help from the experts.

Want to know how to use the HDMI port on my hp laptop? Take our help now. We have all the distinct error solutions that will make you get relief from all the technical troubles.

Why should you trust us?

We have the utmost solutions for all your technical hassles that causes HP laptop HDMI port not working. Along with technical assurance, we also have the support facilities for general services. With us, you will get the assurance of assiduity, affordability as well as immediate assistance and quick response.

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Our HP experts will provide you with all the relevant knowledge about your laptop. Along with that, they will also help you to repair the error of HP laptop HDMI port not working.


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