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HP laptops are in high demand in the market for its efficiency and unmatched performance. Some features and high-end specifications are raising its demand among users while there are some which are causing problems. Sometimes, while doing some important office work on your HP laptop, if your laptop remains plugged in, it is seen that your laptop’s CPU usage rates increases. Is your HP laptop CPU usage too high? Don’t worry, just contact us immediately to get rid of this problem.

The Intel Core i5-520M is a dual-core CPU for laptops and clocks from 2.4 to 2.93 GHz. It has an integrated graphics card called GMA HD, which handle most gaming and multimedia task very well. If your HP laptop is incorporated with Intel Core i5-520M processor, you might sometimes find high CPU usage Intel i5 520m HP laptop issue while plugging in. Actually, when your computer is plugged in, it can use as much electricity as it needs and also recharges the battery.

HP laptop CPU usage too high

Issues to be encountered while the laptop is running from the battery:


  •   Power ManagementWindows has several built-in tools to help manage power consumption of your laptop. But some features like screen brightness, auto display turn off, performance related changes, auto-sleep mode perform low until your laptop gets plugged into a power outlet.
  •    Background Tasks A laptop which is running on the battery will turn off some background processes like file indexing, full-system virus scans, and automatic backups. As soon as you plugging your laptop into a power outlet, many of the tasks will detect that your laptop’s power source is no longer limited and it will immediately start running the background tasks.
  •    Active tasksDue to laptop restricting power to the CPU, sometimes visually-demanding programs run slow or skip frames, but they will perfectly run once your laptop is plugged in.
  •    Intel Turbo BoostLaptops include this feature as an additional level of CPU restriction, while your laptop is running on battery. After plugging in your laptop, these systems don’t have to worry about energy conservation.


Services we offer to our customers:

Our team of experts diagnose the root of the problem and then fix it by taking corrective measures. We replace the components if found faulty. In most cases, the reason for the high CPU usage is the faulty AC Adapter. We replace it so that you can run your laptop by connecting it to a power source. We help in boosting your system’s performance. Apart from that, we troubleshoot and fix another issue related to HP laptop high CPU usage when plugged in.

hp laptop support number

Reach us for instant services:

Don’t stick to HP laptop CPU usage too high issues anymore. Connect with us for quality assistance for your HP laptop CPU by calling us at our toll-free HP laptop technical support number: +1-855-789-0314. Trust on our services to get the most accurate fixes to resolve this issue. You can also have a chat with our executives through live chat support and discuss the issues of your HP laptop with our experts. You might also avail our remote assistance from the help desk.

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