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Is your HP laptop screen goes black but still running ? Do not get worried. Go through our solutions. Here you will get easy and reliable fixes for your HP laptop problems. There are many reasons why you could be facing this issue. Sometimes your monitor can be the cause of HP laptop black screen problem. There may be any major problem like monitor damaged or hardware issue.

hp laptop black screen


Follow the given steps to resolve HP laptop black screen:

  1. Perform a hard reset: Sometimes your HP laptop turns on but screen is black, a hard reset can solve this problem. If you do not know how to resolve HP laptop black screen problem then follow the given steps:
  • First, turn off HP laptop and then remove port replicator from the computer.
  • Disconnect all external devices like printer, external monitor, and USB storage from the computer
  • Remove the battery from the laptop and unplug the AC adapter.
  • After 15 minutes plug AC adapter and insert the battery into your laptop
  • Now turn on your laptop
  • Select ‘Start Windows’ and press the arrow keys when open startup menu. now press ‘enter’
  • Now reconnect all the peripheral devices which you have disconnected.

With these steps, you will successfully reset your HP laptop. Now you can update your all drivers from HP support assistance

  1. Recover your HP laptop BIOS: Sometimes a previous BIOS version copy stored in the hard drive’s HP_TOOLS partition HP laptops come with emergency BIOS recovery function which helps to recover last known good working BIOS version from laptop hard drive.


Follow the process to recover the last known BIOS version from your laptop hard drive:

  • At first shut down the laptop
  • You can use a power adapter to connect the laptop to a power source.
  • Press and hold ‘B’ and ‘Windows’ key together while you off the laptop
  • Press ‘B’ and ‘Windows’ key and hold the power button on the laptop for one second and then release together.
  • The laptop screen remains black for 40 seconds
  • BIOS update your screen display and automatically begin the update.
  1.  Led night: If you hear one of two beeping sound before starting the laptop, then BIOS start normally. If there is any hardware issue then your laptop may make a beep sound but will not start.

We’d advise you not to take the risk with your hardware device because it is very risky. You can always contact us. We have expert hardware team who can serve you with the best service.


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