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Email is a primary feature of iPhones and Apple has a native Mail app for email handling. The company has constantly tried to improve its Mail app but users often find junk emails in their account. You must be wondering how to stop junk email on iPhone? There are multiple ways, you can clean up your inbox from spam and junk.

People use email for work and personal purpose. Frequently, junk emails clutter the mail app and it makes for a really bad experience. Users lose on productivity and the whole exercise of finding specific email is tiring, to say the least. If you face any difficulty while cleaning your emails, our support can help you set up spam filters.


How To Stop Junk Email On Iphone


Why Junk Emails Keep Piling Up?

Junk emails are part of the web experience. The moment you sign up for any website, it starts spamming your email account. Before signing up, you should be careful and read their privacy policy. Most companies don’t abide by their own policies and keep sending emails.

There are also websites which share customer email IDs to partner websites and the junk emails keep rising exponentially from different services. For targeted advertising, many websites buy bulks of email ids from shady agencies and spam email accounts.

There are programmed email trackers which scan public platforms and forum’s metadata to grab email IDs. Some vulnerable websites put email address in the public domain and from there, trackers get hold on your ID. You may ask then how to stop junk email on iPhone when there are so many sophisticated ways of grabbing email IDs? We are about to find out.


How To Stop Junk Email On iPhone: Easy Methods


  • Apple has made many changes to its Mail app to stop junk email on iPhone. Try to update the Mail app from the App Store. Open App store and look for pending updates. If there is an update pending related to Mail app or system, update it right away.


  • Additionally, you should update your iPhone’s Operating System to make sure everything is on the latest security patch. Open Settings app and find General. Then, click on it and you will find Software Update on top of the screen. Tap on it and check for updates. If there is an update available, download it. Then restart the phone to apply the update. Remember, your iPhone should have operating system version iOS 7 or higher.


  • Thereafter, open Mail app and open junk emails one by one. Below you will find a flag, tap on it and it will move the email to junk. You will have to do this for every spam to stop junk email on iPhone.


  • If there is no unsubscribe button then find the sender of the email ID. Open the email and tap on From. It will show the company’s name. Afterward, open a browser and open that particular company’s website and log in to your account. Now click on opt-out of email notification. This will ensure you are not spammed with everyday emails.


  • After that, delete the junk emails straight away without opening it. Spammers attach trackers in every email which tells them whether the user opened the email or not. Deleting the emails directly will ensure they will spam you less as you are no longer a targeted user. This will significantly stop junk email on iPhone.


Get Expert Assistance To Clean Up Inbox Instantly

If you are still wondering how to stop junk email on iPhone, then Support Numbers can definitely help you clear junk from your inbox. We have a team of engineers who are experts in email filtering and deploying blacklisting tools. They have been resolving email errors in iOS for a long time and have accumulated enough experience. Our experts know how email clients work and can enable lots of customization according to your needs.

Moreover, we ensure that the email filtering does not end up showing false-positive results. At Support Numbers, we use a complex algorithm to detect spam and junk emails and permanently blacklist them so that it never reaches your inbox.

Well-Rounded Expertise

The technicians of Support Numbers are well-versed with iOS and its working mechanism. They look for errors which may be causing hurdles for automatic junk mail filtering. The professionals have in-depth knowledge of various email protocols and filtering scheme. We can stop junk email on iPhone within minutes. You never have to worry about the quality of service as that is our forte and we excel at it.

Assistance At Your Convenience

Support Numbers is an active team, always on time to serve our users. We are available all days of the week working 24×7. The team works on site and online as well. We offer our services remotely also. If you are short on time, we will do everything possible so that you get service in your preferable time.

Cost-Effective Service

We at Support Numbers, do not believe in charging a high amount for our services. Our company has been in the service industry for long and have been charging minimal amount so that people enjoy a secure mobile experience. We assure you our services will be of quality within your budget.

Call Us And Say Goodbye To Junk Emails Forever

If you need any help as to how to stop junk email on iPhone, then Support Numbers are here to help you out. We have multiple communication channels to serve our users hassle-free. Just give us a call to avail of the services. If you want to email us, you can do so by mailing on our official email support. Furthermore, talk directly to our chat support and we will reply immediately. Our services are top in class, so contact us and get rid of all the junk mails in a jiffy.

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