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Safari web browser comes in handy with high-end features and continuous innovations. This Apple product comes inbuilt with all the products delivered from Apple, be it an iPhone, iPad or MacBook. You get fast browsing, advanced history search and all at the cost of nothing. Apple allows you to switch from its Safari browser to any other browser of your choice, on Apple devices. However, if you are still not using Safari as the default browser, then you are missing out on a lot of facilities especially like the split screen features. This article will help you to know how to set Safari as default browser.


how to set safari as default browser


Primary Reasons To Set Safari As Default Browser

Countless factors can persuade you to set Safari as the default browser on your Apple device. Let us take a glance at a few genuine reasons:

  • If you have recently updated iOS or MacOS version, then your Apple device must have undergone formatting. It can change the browser settings, and thus you need to set Safari again to its previous place.
  • If you are using some other browser and encountering errors constantly, switching to Safari as the default browser is a good choice.

How To Set Safari As Default Browser?

If you want to change your default web browser to Safari, then you should thoroughly know how to carry out the process. Read this article to clarify all your doubts based on your query how to set Safari as default browser.

You get a high-end web browsing experience with Safari browser. To get the advantage of accessing web pages with an unbeatable speed. Furthermore, note that you are connecting to the net using stable and secure internet connectivity.

Secondly, you need to check the router. Verify if it is in working condition and can connect to the web. To confirm you can temporarily disable all antennas and try again.

Thirdly, if you are still in doubt, then you can reboot your device and eliminate all bugs, that might block you from carrying out the necessary changes. Additionally, cache errors are often to be accused of web browsing issues. To rule out all possibilities of the error, clear your Safari history and website data. Also, remember to disable content blockers and extensions installed on your device, recently.

Hopefully, this information has narrowed down all the fundamental requirements before addressing the query how to set Safari as default browser?


Step-by-Step Guide To Set Safari As Default Browser

You can set Safari as your default browser by following some steps. If you are an amateur in the technical field, then you might problems during the process. Follow some guidelines to help you out with ease. Even if you are not a tech savvy person, you can easily follow the step by step measures to carry out the necessary steps on how to set Safari as default browser.

Step 1

To start with the setup process, first, you need to Open Safari browser. Run the application either from the Menu bar or the available desktop icon.

Step 2

Then, select Reset Safari option as soon as a new tab opens. After that, you select every option based on your preference. Finally, click the Reset button and to confirm the action.

Step 3

Double-click on the Hard Drive icon from the desktop. Remember to close the Safari window and restart it again. You will find Safari has been already set as your Default browser. To save the new settings, you can reboot your device and relaunch the browser.

Are you still unable to set Safari as default browser? Then double check if you are using an up to date OS. You are not required to be a techie, but at the same time, you should not make any wrong move to create further problems.

If while carrying out the process you make a mistake or if you face internet issues, then it’s better to consult a technical support agent. Moreover, it can generate errors in future, making Safari unusable. Get in touch with trustworthy tech support professionals to run specific diagnostics on your device. They can help you to figure out the root cause of the problem.


How To Reach Reliable Tech Support?

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