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Nvidia is one of the most flourishing computer chip manufacturing companies. It focuses on th design of graphics processing units that are employed in computers as well as GPUs. Along with this, Nvidia combines winning characteristics including swift 3D texture and 12-bit subpixel accuracy. Moreover, users at times encounter some errors related to Nvidia drivers and come up with queries concerning how to rollback Nvidia drivers.

Therefore, in this article, we have got some of the most useful methods that will help you to roll back your Nvidia drivers in no time. Also, you can always contact Support Numbers and get extensive assistance for any problems regarding Nvidia. However, before proceeding to the troubleshooting steps, first make yourself conscious of the reasons why you should roll back Nvidia drivers in Windows 10.


Why Do We Need To Rollback Nvidia Graphics Drivers?

There are some reasons why people want to roll back their older graphics drivers again in Windows 10 device.  We are presenting some of the most prominent reasons before you. One of the most apparent reasons for rolling back the older graphics drivers can be the incompatibility issue. Users at times encounter that their graphics drivers, after upgrading their Operating System, become incompatible with their device. Hence, they are left with no other option but to revert their older graphics drivers back again.

Also, users look for the steps on how to rollback Nvidia drivers Windows 10, after installing the incorrect drivers in their device. The broken drivers can interrupt your system performance. Hence, users prefer to roll back the older version of graphics drivers again to avoid any kind of error in their device.


Learn How To Rollback Nvidia Drivers With Easy Steps

Now that you know why it is important for you to get the previous graphics drivers in your device back again, we can move on to the troubleshooting steps. Though there are many approaches to roll back the drivers in your device, not all of them are equally valid. Thus, in this article, we have provided you with the most useful steps to get back your drivers quickly. So, we suggest you go through the instructions right below.


Restore The Drivers In Safe Mode

If you are wondering how to rollback Nvidia drivers, you can try this method. However, it applies when you are unable to log into Windows. So, you can get back the previous graphics drivers by following the step right below:

How To Rollback Nvidia Drivers


Step 1: First, click on the Windows key and the R simultaneously.

Step 2: Now, you need to enter the following command “devmgmt.msc”. And then, proceed with OK.

Step 3: Here, you can open the Display Adapter. Tap on the Nvidia graphics card option, and then select Properties.

Step 4: Now, select the Driver tab. After that, you can proceed with the Roll Back Driver option.

Step 5: Here, you will get to see a new window. Now, tap on Yes and you will get your older graphics drivers back again in your device.

Step 6: Conclusively, you should restart your computer to see the change.


Uninstall The Current Graphics Driver

This is another procedure on how to rollback Nvidia drivers in your device. After uninstalling the current driver, it is not possible to roll back the older driver again in your device. So, if this happens, we recommend you to go through the previous steps to get back your older drivers in Windows 10. After you complete the process, you can now download or re-install your preferred driver.


How To Rollback Nvidia Drivers Windows 10: Alternate


Now, that you have successfully rolled back your older graphics drivers in your device, you should also install the accurate drivers for your Windows 10. You can download the correct graphics drivers for your device either manually or automatically.

Moreover, try all these steps to roll back the older graphics drivers in your device. Also, if you get stuck while performing any of these methods, you can connect with Support Numbers for the exclusive assistance.


Rollback Nvidia Drivers With Professional Services

Getting back the Nvidia graphics card can be difficult sometimes. In case, all the above steps fail to restore the previous drivers; you can avail of expert solutions. Further, there are various methods to get back the Nvidia graphics drivers, but not all of them are suitable enough. Therefore, you can ask for help from Support Numbers and get the accurate solutions as per the requirement. Also, we render our customers with great-quality services, and because of that, countless people rely on us.

Furthermore, we strive to create long-term solutions with utmost consumer satisfaction. To help you connect with the excellent services, Support Numbers specifies a team of competent professionals who can give the best solutions to your issues at the reasonable price. So, contact Support Numbers and obtain the high-grade solution in a short time.


Experience On-Time Services

If you are looking for contoured Nvidia support on how to rollback Nvidia drivers, we, at Support Numbers, can provide the service you expect. So, contact us, and you will get to interact with experts who are appreciated for their proficient knowledge in Nvidia technicalities.


Team Of Extremely Proficient Professionals

The team of technicians of Support Number believes in offering first call services. Also, we get back to you in no time. Our certified professionals are highly equipped to fix any kind of issues you may ever face with Nvidia service. Moreover, our proficient executives are committed to producing efficient services any time you prefer.


24/7 Active Support

Our support team has come a long way with reliable Nvidia services which would bring a smile to your face. So, you can seek our services through different interactive channels. You can drop us an email or send us a text message compiling all your issues to our email address. Also, our live chat support portal is available 24*7, through which allows you to experience a real-time error discussion. Our team works round the clock so that you can receive the best solution right the moment you come across an error.



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