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September 26, 2018
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Destiny 2 Connection Issues

An Operating System is system software that assists the software part to commute with the hardware part of a computer. However, no Operating System is free from glitches. Have you ever seen that whenever you try to open your Lenovo laptop, you get an error code as Lenovo error 1962? This error report states that your Lenovo device has not found an operating system.

Isn’t it troublesome, especially with your brand new computer? It can cause due to multiple reasons. To know the exact solution call our Lenovo tech experts to fix no operating system found Lenovo issue in no time.

Probable causes that generate Lenovo error 1962 message

Error 1962 pops-up generally when the computer has booted up issues. The computer fails to startup and eventually does not respond to boot up sequence. In particular, if this happens then, the users get the warning message as ‘no operating system found Lenovo’

When you have a fault in the Hard Disk Drive that doesn’t give the access to connect, then it shows the error 1962 no operating system found Lenovo message.

If there is a problem with Serial ATA that connects the host bus adapter to mass storage devices and fails to get a connection to your motherboard

The up-gradation or installation of software can cause this problem. In case you have not installed the operating software correctly.

Tips to troubleshoot the error 1962 no OS found Lenovo :

First, you need to enter your computer BIOS then change the Boot options with the following step,

  1. First press the shift button and at the same time click  the shutdown menu, when your computer boots up press the Function 2 button and click the power button
  2. Once the system BIOS opens you release the F2 button
  3. Now go to the  Boot section and check the priority list.
  4. If the SSD or the HDD drive has no list at the top, shift it to the top.
  5. Now save the changes and close the BIOS and restart your PC.
  6. If the above steps do not fixes, then call the experts to fix it in no time.

Services that our experts offer to fix Lenovo error 1962 issue:

The experts will help you to upgrade your latest drives. They will download the relevant software from verified sources. In fact, they will clean the malicious files like malware, spyware and other infected files. They will upgrade and install the operating system safely. The experts will delete unwanted programmes from the cache memory. You will be entitled to receive all the relevant support and services that are required to make your devise error-free.

Reach us to avail reliable support :

Contact our helpdesk number to get services round the clock. The experts are highly qualified and that can resolve any issues relating to your Lenovo error 1962 issue. We provide live chat support as well as email support to facilitate your queries. You can either call us or mail us enlisting all the problems; our tech expert will revert you whenever they get will receive the message.

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