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iPhone has been one of the most popular smartphones ever from the last couple of decades. It has maintained its fame due to its efficiency and smart work. However, all the good thing has some drawbacks, and so does iPhone. One of the well-versed topics of its drawback has been its storage. People are willing to get more storage on iPhone as it doesn’t have any dedicated memory slot.  Every iPhone has a limited amount of storage space depending on its variant as it does not have any external memory slot. So, users are unable to get more storage on the iPhone. iPhone has 5 type of storage capability, such as 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

In the global market, you can eventually find an iPhone with 128GB or 256GB of storage limit. But, they also cost quite high. So, people basically go for the versions with lower storage where they face this problem. As the iPhone has the backup systems going on all over its synchronized devices, it takes a lot of internal storage to work on it.

Moreover, some of the users may face the problem with the storage. So, today we’ll help you out for how to get more storage on iPhone. But in any case, you are finding any difficulties to follow the instructions and not getting the proper solution, it would be better if you contact our customer care support for further assistance.


get more storage on iphone


Get More Storage On iPhone: Probable Reasons

Now let’s take a look at some of the probable reasons behind the subject of how to get more storage on iPhone.

Application Space Diversity

One of the delicate reasons due to which an iPhone user becomes unable to get more storage on their device is the change in application property. Whenever you are using an Apple device, the portion of the memory an application takes to install is much higher than the space required for other smartphones running on Android.

Cost-Space Relationship

Apart from that, Apple has itself become brand for the last couple of years due to its performance. So, they are also providing a significant price against each Apple device they are selling. As for the changes in size and features, the price has also changed a lot. This is not suitable for all the daily users out there. That’s why the users are forced to buy the lower end Apple devices due to their price. As a result, this can lead to the same issue.

Bloatware In Action

Another main reason behind which users are willing to get more storage on iPhone is the bloatware. Whenever you are using an iPhone, due to its feature of auto sync in iCloud, the backup is saved in the cloud memory. Though this process is essential, it takes a lot of memory that can consume the full 5GB of storage in the cloud.

Absence Of External Memory Slot

Further, Apple doesn’t provide any external memory slot. So, it is pretty difficult to get any extra storage on the iPhone.

These were some of the probable reasons behind unable to get more storage on iPhone. Now let’s take a look at some of the preferable solutions that can help you with this problem.

Preferable Solutions To Get More Storage On iPhone

As we have already discussed some of the frequent reasons behind the issues that may occur. Now, let’s put on some light over the path to get more storage on iPhone.

Remove The Bloatware

If you are using iPhone and not getting that much of space, then, your first target would be to uninstall the bloatware of your iphone. There are a certain number of applications in an iPhone, which are not required that much in our daily use. You can easily offload them by going into the Settings. On the other hand, you can also tap and hold on the application icon and uninstall them easily. You can also use your iTunes in your laptop or MacBook to manage the memory in your Apple device.

Manage The iCloud

The one exquisite way to have more storage on your iPhone would be to manage the space in your iCloud account. Every user after buying the iPhone, you get a default iCloud memory of 5GB. As the space in the iCloud is basically consumed by the backup procedure, the user doesn’t get that much of space in the iCloud store the required information. So, it would be better if the backup can be stored into any physically accessible device. Your laptop or MacBook is the most suitable device to store the backup. You can use the iTunes installed in your PC to manage the iCloud account. Just log in to your iCloud account using your username and password and eliminate whatever slugs you are having in it.

Clean Up Hidden Junk Files


how to get more storage on iphone


There are a certain amount of junk files you’ll find while in your iPhone. These basically include the cache files, cookies, unused applications, and its data. It would be better if you can clear cache and the cookies by going into the Safari settings. Also, uninstall the unused applications.


Additional Tips

Apart from these general solutions, the other tips that you can apply are to change the camera settings from HDR to normal. It can help you to have an image of good quality in a lesser space. You can also delete all the old backup files to save more storage on iPhone.

We have provided you with all the probable reasons and preferable solutions that can help you to get a hint on the storage problem on iPhone and will also help you to have a proper solution. In any case, if you are still finding any finding the difficulties, it would be better if you can contact the professionals.

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