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Nvidia is one of the best companies for Graphics Processing Unit. Most of the gamers like to use it for its outstanding graphics quality. But sometimes, you may find the Nvidia Control Panel won’t open. You can come across the problem in all the versions of Windows ranging from Windows 7 to Windows 10. When you try to open the Control Panel, you may find it inactive. This may happen even after downloading the Windows update.

If you are facing the same problem, then don’t worry. Just keep an eye on this article. Here you will find some easy solutions with the help of which, you can fix the issue by yourself. Moreover, if you want professional services, you can always fetch the help of  Support Numbers.


Why The Nvidia Control Panel Won’t Open

You can face the Nvidia Control Panel won’t open problem due to several reasons. If you do not update the Nvidia Graphics Card driver for a long time, then the outdated driver can make the trouble. Furthermore, it can happen due to a corruption in the display driver service. Again, if you do not set the highest resolution, then also you may face the same issue. There can be some different reasons as well. Whatever might be the reason, the given types of solution can solve your issues quickly. First, detect your defect and then go for the fix.

The Nvidia applications generally run on VC++ Redistributable and .NET Framework. If any of them is outdated, then the error may arise. Again, due to the quick boot process, the system may skip the booting process of Nvidia. As a result, the Control Panel may stop working.


Solve The Problem With These Effective Solutions

Go through the solutions and try them by yourself to open the Nvidia Control Panel. For any doubt don’t hesitate to connect with the Support Numbers officials.


Solution 1: Update The Graphics Card Driver

First of all, try to update the driver of the graphics card to fix the error. To update it, open the Run Dialogue Box by pressing the key combination, Windows + R. In the box, type devmgmt.msc and search for it. You will find the Device Manager window. Now, navigate to the Display Adapters and select the Nvidia Graphics card to enable it. After enabling the card, you have to right-click on it and select the Update Driver option. Now, try to open the Nvidia Control Panel and see if the problem persists.


Solution 2: Check The Status Of Display Driver Service

You need to check if the display driver service is running or not. As the display driver is an essential part of the graphics card, corruption in this service can lead you to the Nvidia Control Panel won’t open Windows 10 problem. To check the status, open the Run dialogue box and write services.msc to search the Services window. Now, right-click on Nvidia Display Driver Software and go for Properties. In the properties, check the Startup type. If it is not running, then click on the Start to make it run. Finally, apply and save the changes and restart the computer for a better result.


Solution 3: Reinstall The Graphics Card Driver

If your graphics card driver is malfunctioning, then try to reinstall it. To uninstall the driver, right-click on it and select to uninstall. After that, you need to uninstall it from the Control Panel. When you delete all the files of the Nvidia, visit the official website of it. From here download and install the latest version of the Graphics Card Driver.


Solution 4: Registry Fix

If you don’t succeed with the previous solution, in that case, you can fix the registry. To perform this step, open the Run dialogue box and write regedit and search for Registry Editor. Now, move to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\ContextMenuHandler option. After that, right-click on NvCplDesktopContext and delete it. Now, go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell. From here, select the new folder by right-clicking on the Shell. Rename the new folder as the Nvidia Control Panel. Inside it, create a new folder and give it the name of Command. Then, put the address C:\Windows\System32\nvcplui.exe at the place of the default value. Finally, save the changes and restart the system. Now, you may resolve the problem Nvidia Control Panel won’t Open.


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