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July 4, 2018
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July 4, 2018

It can be very annoying when you land on a website only to see unwanted ads. If you have installed McAfee Internet Security, then you must have enabled the McAfee Ad blocker. It is somehow very helpful as it provides you with additional protection against ads and pop-ups. But on the other hand, it is also necessary to turn off the Ad blocker to access a certain website.

If you have an upgraded version of Firefox, then you must have noticed that you are not able to access few of the websites due to activating Ad blocker. In such cases, all you can turn off the Adblocker. If you have no idea about how to disable Ad blocker, then contact us on our McAfee customer service number. We are ready to help you out in every possible way.

Disable McAfee Ad blocker

How to disable Ad blocker? Know some easy solutions

To secure your browsing experience, you can turn on the Adblocker. It offers additional ways to protect your system from any phishing activities or scam. But most of the websites nowadays asking for turning off the Adblocker. Otherwise, it does not allow you to see it’s content. Therefore, you should know that how to turn off Adblocker.


  • Open a web browser: Open the web browser in which you installed the Adblocker previously.


  • Extend the browser’s page: Different web browser has different extensions-
  1. Chrome: select More tools and click on it for an extension.
  2. Firefox: Click on the Add-ons.
  • Find the Ad block option: You will get to see the name of the Ad blocker in the extension list.

  • Disable Adblock:
  1. Chrome: You have to uncheck the ‘enabled’ checkbox to disable the Adblocker.
  2. Firefox: Right-click on the Adblocker to get the ‘disable’ option.
  • Once you are done with the above steps, close the window and reopen it.

How to turn off McAfee Ad blocker for specific websites?

To disable Adblocker for a specific website, follow the steps below

  • Open the browser.
  • Then particular website on which you want to disable the Adblocker.
  • To disable the Adblocker, you have to open the extension list. Every website has different extension processes.
  • Once you get the extension list, click on the ‘Adblock’ icon.
  • It will allow you to disable the Adblocker.
  • You can also exclude that particular page from other pages. It will help you visit the web pages. If you adjust the particular pages, then it will save the changes you make for the pages.

Need more help to disable McAfee Ad blocker? Contact our experts

In spite of going through the solutions if the problem still persists, then don’t hesitate to talk to us. Connect our McAfee tech support team of professionals on our toll-free number. You can also mail us at [email protected] We will revert you back immediately.  


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