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Apple is one of the largest organizations who is providing supreme and efficient services through their technology. One of Apple’s biggest advantage is to have the personal cloud services, i.e., iCloud. It not only lets you have a sufficient storage unit but also helps you to stay updated with the important document that you can’t carry with you. It is also the lifeblood for any Apple device. Without an Apple ID or iCloud username, you will not be able to use your device. Recently lot’s of users are facing some issues with the iCloud account. As a result, they are unable to access it. Today we will be looking into this problem and figure out how to change iCloud account on iPhone.

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Change iCloud Account On iPhone


Limitations To Look Out

There are a certain number of users who use Apple devices. To get access to multiple devices connected with different accounts, swapping within the iCloud accounts is required sometimes. Before you change iCloud account on iPhone, be sure of what you are doing. Having multiple accounts is surely a good idea, but this is not recommended unless you know what you are doing exactly. Changing the iCloud account without any reason may sometimes create many issues that you don’t want to have.

There are basically a variety of issues and complications that you might face. Let ‘s take a look on some of the crucial ones.

Loss Of Data

While you are changing your iCloud accounts number of times, it may create some of the unwanted complexity that you don’t want to face. One of them is the loss of data. If you are changing your iCloud account frequently, then without having the proper sync to the data, you may end up losing important information.

iMessage Missing Delivery

One of the fatal issues that it might cause is the missing iMessage delivery. iMessage is one of the frequently used applications in any iPhone. If your iMessage gets corrupted, then you might not be able to get or deliver any of the messages.

App Store Issues

Sometimes due to frequent swapping, you might lose access to your App Store applications. In that case, you will not be able to perform any installation of apps on your iPhone. Further, if you manage to install the apps, you won’t be able to update them.

Disbandation of Account

Sometimes this practice may cause you trouble that you won’t be able to fix. It may lead to the disbanding of your account. So, before you change iCloud account on iPhone, be sure of what you are doing.


Procedure To Change iCloud Account On iPhone

If you are well aware of your iPhone and know all about the settings, then let’s go and take a good look at the procedure to change iCloud account on iPhone.

Removing The Existing iCloud Account

To change the iCloud account of your Apple device, the first thing that is required is the removal of your existing account. To do so, first, open the Settings and go to iCloud option. Now, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • In iCloud option, scroll down the screen and find the option saying Sign Out Account and select it.
  • Now, confirm the removal by tapping on the Sign Out option.

Remember, in some cases the operation may ask you to provide the Apple ID and password depending on your security settings. Also, take note that you will lose all of the iCloud account data.


How To Change iCloud Account On iPhone


Switching To Different iCloud Account

If you are performing this procedure on your iPhone, it will instantly take you to another page where the device will demand some information regarding your another account or new account. From this point provide the proper Apple ID or username with the password to get access to your iPhone.


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