How To Backup Samsung S7 To PC: Easy Tips And Tricks

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Samsung S7 is one of the flagship devices that Samsung has launched back in 2016. It was one of those revolutionary smartphones that had both the features and innovation. The smartphone basically got under the light due to its sheer innovation in build quality. Though it has its many features, back-up is some procedure that is required for every smartphone. For iOS devices, iTunes and iCloud have already the answers. However, while talking about the Android devices, it takes quite an effort to back it up. As Samsung S7 is running on the Marshmallow 6.0, it faces the same issue. So, today we will take a good look at how to backup Samsung S7 to PC.

Requirement For Backup On PC?

Backup is something that we can store at any place we want. It can be in the phone memory, cloud storage or on the PC itself. So, when we are having this much of choices, why are we picking up Samsung Galaxy S7 backup to PC?

The first advantage that we get is that the phone memory gets saved. Basically, S7 is of two variants as per its storage unit, 32GB, and 64GB. While we are taking the backup of the whole device, it takes a lot of space as the whole system data including the application data gets the backup. That’s why the whole process consumes a lot of space in the phone memory.

On the other hand, Samsung doesn’t provide the cloud services like iCloud. That’s why it may take quite an effort to upload them in the cloud.

If we have the backup in the PC, then it would be also helpful for the users to use the backup whenever it’s required. It’s an advantage for the users to have a backup in an offline mode. You will also be able to manage the space in your PC by managing the backup files. In that case, you can delete the older ones and save the new ones. Now, let’s take a look on how to backup Samsung S7 to PC.

How To Backup Samsung S7 to PC: Process To Follow

There are basically certain things that you can try for yourself. But the first thing that you should prefer is the Smart Switch from Samsung. Now let’s take a tour of it.


Know The Requirements

Before you start taking the backup of your S7 to your PC, take a minute to think about the requirements you will need for the backup process. First, download the Smart Switch. After that, make sure that what kind of files and media you are using for the backup process. Now, before you start taking the backup, disable all the firewall applications your system has for temporarily. Sometimes, the firewalls or any anti-theft applications may lead you to have failed backup. So, it would be better if you can follow this for a while.

Create The Backup File


Now, as you have taken all the measures against the odds, it is the time for you to create a backup file. To do so, first, install the Smart Switch on your PC or Mac. After installing the application, connect your S7 to PC using a USB cable. Now open the Smart Switch application and select the files you need under the backup items tab. As you have selected all your needs, select backup. The procedure may take some time so be patient. After the backup process is over, the backup file gets saved in a default location which is different for the different OS.

In this way, you would be able to take a backup of your S7 on your PC. If you are finding the process too hard, it would be better if you contact any of the professional in this field. You can also contact Support Numbers. We would be happy to help you.

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