SECTION: LIFE; Pg. D1, May 14, 2001 LENGTH: 1733 words HEADLINE: THE CASE AGAINST KISSINGER; CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, IN BOOKSTORE AND BACKYARD, ACCUSES FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE OF WAR CRIMES BYLINE: DAVID DALEY; Courant Staff Writer BODY: The heavens are shaking. The skies are livid. A violent and sudden spring storm has swept through the lovely [...]

Infinite FiveChapters 2 schedule

Saturday, December 19: We Happy Few by David Gordon Sunday, December 20: Milkdud by Dawn Ryan Monday, December 21: Crutch by Jami Attenberg Tuesday, December 22: Deliquesce by Marisa Matarazzo Wednesday, December 23: Lys by Paul Yoon Thursday, December 24: The Gift of the Jedi by Brent Krammes Friday, December 25: new poems by Priscilla [...]

Infinite FiveChapters schedule

Monday, August 24: Swimming by Lauren Grodstein Tuesday, August 25: And Down We Went by Lori Ostlund Wednesday, August 26: Dear Doris by Adam Davies Thursday, August 27: Drift by Jennine CapĆ³ Crucet Friday, August 28: Super King by Samantha Peale Saturday, August 29: H.S.S.H by Victor Lodato Sunday, August 30: Hortense by Tania James [...]