Parameswaran, Rajesh

Rajesh Parameswaran’s debut story collection, “I Am An Executioner: Love Stories,” will be published in April by Knopf.

Walter Mosley says that: ““To claim that an author has written inventive stories about love conjures up many possibilities, but none will compare to the fertile imaginings of Rajesh Parameswaran. His debut collection, I Am an Executioner, is filled with the voices of astonishing characters — a misunderstood tiger, a strip mall con man who opens a medical clinic with only library texts to guide him, an executioner, a surveillance agent, a pompous railway manager, and more — whose pitch-perfect stories recalibrate the notion of love and power with dark humor and unbearable tenderness.”

His stories have appeared in McSweeney’s, Granta, Zoetrope: All-Story and Fiction.

“The Strange Career of Dr. Raju Gopalarajan” was one of three stories for which McSweeney’s earned a National Magazine Award in 2007, and it was reprinted in The Best American Magazine Writing.

Rajesh lives in New York City.