Hassman, Tupelo

Tupelo Hassman is the author of the novel “girlchild,” which will be published in February 2012 by Farrar Straus and Giroux; and a short-story collection, “The Hassman Family Experience: A Fully Interactive Country Western Album,” which will be published by Invisible City Audio Tours in August 2012.

Her work has been published in 100 Word Story, Paper Street Press, The Portland Review Literary Journal, Tantalum, We Still Like and ZYZZYVA.

Tupelo is a contributing author to “Heliography,” Invisible City Audio Tours’ first tour, and is curating its fourth tour, “The Landmark Revelation Society.”

Tupelo will be keeping a video journal of  the “girlchild” book tour for the short documentary “Hardbound: A Novel’s Life on the Road.”

Visit her online at www.tupelohassman.com.