Mandel, Emily St. John

Emily St. John Mandel is the author of the novels “The Singer’s Gun” and “Last Night in Montreal” (both Unbridled Books).

The Los Angeles Times, reviewing “The Singer’s Gun,” said that the “net effect is akin to an Eric Ambler novel with greater development of internal consciousness for multiple protagonists,” adding that “the beauty of the novel is that its key truths are those the reader arrives at on his or her own, without the help of a straight-line narrative or a dominating perspective.”

The Toronto Globe and Mail, in its review of “Last Night in Montreal” (which is now in paperback,” observed that “what we’re made to ponder is the mystery of human connection: how it is born, how it fades and dies and revives, how love defines us or leaves us undone.”

She was born on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Emily studied dance at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and lived briefly in Montreal before relocating to New York.

She lives with her husband in Brooklyn. Visit her online at