Martin, Clancy

Clancy Martin is the author of the novel “How To Sell.”

“A tender yet hardboiled coming-of-age story, a vivid, sometimes philosophical portrait of yearning and greed, of human love and human spoilage — all of it mirrored in stripped-down, addictive prose. Clancy Martin has written a scary, funny blaze of a book,” said Sam Lipsyte.

Jonathan Franzen called it: “Dirty, greatly original, and very hard to stop reading.”

An associate professor of philosophy at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, Martin is also the author of several philosophy books, including “Love, Lies and Marriage,” “Honest Work” and “The Philosophy of Deception.”

His fiction has also been published in McSweeney’s and NOON, and won a Pushcart Prize.

Clancy Martin is Associate Professor of Philosophy at